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We at Mythical India have a constant endeavor to bring interesting nuggets of information about India to the forefront. We are a bunch of India lovers who love everything about its culture, tradition, heritage, history, people and even the myths.

We are looking for creative people who can bring new perspective to this diverse land. If you feel you have an idea about India which you need to share with our community, if you feel that you can uncover some of the mysteries surrounding us, if you feel you know something about our heritage & culture or if you simply feel to join our group of writers and share some views about certain aspect of India, do get in touch for a guest post.

We will be honest, writing for Mythical India would take some work. You would have to read a lot, dig out information because we want your article to be the best and we will push you to reach there.

It’s also rewarding though. Thousands of your peers & our community of readers will read your work as you get a mention at the bottom of the post and in process you will learn a lot about communicating your ideas, about structuring your thoughts and even about the topic you thought you already know, when you started.

We look forward to original ideas and content. Reading copied (“inspired”) content makes us sad. We hope to read content which our readers would find interesting.

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