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With the advent of year 2016, will the dream of Digital India come true?

India’s charismatic Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent US visit and subsequent meeting with who’s who of Silicon Valley has forced the world to sit down and pay attention. Everyone from Google to Facebook welcomed the “Man of Masses” with open arms, rolled out expansion plans like never before in the recent history. But the event itself and the reactions that followed are very much significant. After all, it was aimed at laying out the base of digitizing a nation with a population of 1.2 billion, majority of which is young and aspiring.

Youth participation in Digital India campaign is must - Mythical India
    Youth participation in Digital India campaign is must

In Modi’s words,

“Digital India is an enterprise for the transformation of India in a scale unmatched in human history. Nothing else will do in a country with 800 million impatient youths waiting for change”

The words reflect the hunger amongst the nation’s people to grow which could be satiated only by resources and knowledge.

1) What is Digital India initiative?

Digital India poster - Mythical India

According to DeitY (Department of electronics and Information technology), it is an umbrella program connecting various departments

  • It weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal.
  • It is coordinated by DeitY and implemented in all ministries in the government.
  • The weaving together makes the Mission transformative in totality.

Digital India initiative provides common branding for all the government initiatives which highlights their transformative impact.

2) Digital India Vision

The vision rests on following nine main pillars identified by the government of India

9 Defined pillars of Digital India program - Mythical India

3) What this vision means?

The vision envisages increased penetration of mobile and internet services in urban as well as rural users. For this to happen, there is a dire need of setting up a digital infrastructure. The roadmap for this three layered architecture has already been conceptualized and they will fulfill the supply side requirements of this initiative.

Digital Infrastructure to be setup under Digital India - Mythical India
           Digital Infrastructure which involves Telecom and IT infrastructure

The government has planned to offer a plethora of e-governance services like Digital Locker, e-education, e-health, e-sign and national scholarship portal across sectors by using cloud, mobility, IoT and analytics. The underlying objective of these is to empower Indians with knowledge and Information digitally. It requires seamless integration of services across geographies, regions, departments and jurisdictions as well.

4) The Forecasts

Every successful aim needs a target. The government has set its sights on the 2019 by when this plant will mature as a tree and bear fruits of success. By the year 2019, it is expected that around 2.5 lakh Indian villages will have broadband connectivity and universal phone connectivity, there will be public Wi-Fi hotspots for citizens, Indian will have trained 1.7 crore workforce in IT, electronic & telecom domains, India will lead the world in terms of use of IT services in plethora of sectors ranging from banking, health, education etc

5) Bright signs

During his recent visit to U.S, the prime minister was successful in evoking positive response from global giants like Google, Tesla, Qualcomm, Microsoft etc. for digital initiative which is necessary to transform this initiative into global precedent.

Modi sharing stage with CEO's of top IT firms on Digital India - Mythical India

Following were some major announcements:

  • Sundar Pichai-led Google will help bring wireless Internet or Wi-Fi to 500 railway stations across the country
  • Microsoft’s Satya Nadella shared the company’s plan to help the government take low cost broadband to five lakh villages.
  • Foxxconn has already started setting up a manufacturing base in India

6) Challenges

A journey becomes memorable due to obstacles it encounters during its course. This journey too has its share of challenges. The government has to ensure smooth transition as presently there is a particular way in which the government departments function.

Current situation of internet and device penetration - Mythical India

Making people understand the benefits of this change will take time, patience and courage. It should be complemented by bringing in synergy across the system.

The Road ahead..

Launch of various mobile apps by government like MyGov mobile app, Aadhar mobile digital app, Swachh bharat mission app etc reflect the intent and pace of work. As we embark on this journey of transformation, there is a hope and prayer in every Indian heart that we will realize our “sunhera kal” and reach our ultimate destination – Digitally empowered India!!

Written by Anurag Mahajan

I am a wanderer in this world full of emotions, mystical creations,imaginations & relations. There is a curious traveler inside me who wants to explore , create and understand the what and how of things by experiencing them and not by hearing them from somebody else. It is this zeal which has motivated me to explore and share my experiences with others.

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