Why Doga is a much more cooler version of Dexter Morgan?

Now that Marvel has shown that it is possible to create a whole movie studio based on caped crusaders, destruction and CGI special effects; one question always raised is why we don’t have such superheroes in India. And no, we cannot count Krrish as a superhero (Jumping for long distances, having killer abs and a set of powers given by an alien somehow being transferred through blood does not make you a superhero!!!). Doga, one of the most popular Superheroes from Raj Comics in India, is one such cool superhero.

Two other crazily popular super-heroes from Raj Comics are Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv. However, if our current attempts with serials like Rakshak Nagraj are anything to go by, it is not going to happen anytime soon.

That’s why, the announcement by Anurag Kashyap declaring a movie on Raj comics’ character Doga in 2008 sent Indian Comic book fans in a tizzy. Doga is a fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero, created by Tarun kumar Wahi, Sanjay Gupta & Manu in 1992. There are some obvious similarities that exist between Doga and superheroes like ‘The Punisher’ or ‘Batman’. However, the fact is that the only character that comes closest to Doga in terms of his character motivations is Dexter Morgan, the protagonist of hit TV Show ‘Dexter’.

1) Both Doga and Dexter became sociopaths due to their screwed up childhoods

Dexter is a vigilante serial killer who targets other murderers who have evaded the justice system. Since childhood, Dexter has felt homicidal urges directed by an inner voice he calls “the Dark Passenger”. As a child, Dexter’s mother was murdered in front of him with a chainsaw leaving him and his brother lying in a pool of blood of their own mother.

On the other hand, Suraj (Doga) was found as an infant in a rubbish dump by Daku Halkan Singh, a ruthless Dacoit, who called him a dog and treated him like one. He used the child as protection against a police raid to save himself. These endless horrors Doga saw as a child led to his becoming a sociopath.

2) Both rely on brutality in punishment to criminals and are unapologetic about it

To destroy the evil he suffered since childhood and save his loved ones Doga conceals his identity behind a dog mask. He believes in “Uprooting the problem rather than solving it” and does not believe in upholding the laws and rules of the world since he considers the whole system corrupt.

Dexter too dismembers the bodies of his victims into several sections (head is usually in place unless the kill method involved decapitating, for example with power saw), wraps them and the plastic sheets in biodegradable garbage bags, then adds rocks and dumps them into the ocean.

3) Doga and Dexter have indulgent guardians who support them inspite of their emotional problems

Harry Morgan, who adopted Dexter, creates a code of ethics for him on realizing his sociopathic tendencies. The Code of Harry was a set of guidelines to help Dexter channel his need to kill. The tool was a way to protect Dexter as he went through life and as a “tool” to rid the world of the cruel people that infested it.

Doga, on the other hand, has Adrak Chacha, Dhania Chacha, Haldi Chacha and Kalimirchi Chacha. They not only take him in after his traumatic childhood but train him in firearms, martial arts etc. so that he can channel the demons of his past.

4) Doga has no Superpowers. Both just rely on learned skills and hard work to do their job

Doga’s physical prowess is a result of extremely rigorous workouts in gym, unlike other super-heroes who have special superpowers. He also has an ability to dodge bullets (Black pepper art) and is an expert shooter.

Dexter too studied advanced Jujitsu techniques in college to aid in learning how to fight opponents. Through years of experience, he became a master at hand-to-hand CQC (close-quarters-combat)and is able to out-manoeuvre and defeat other experienced combatants.

5) Both their love interests kick ass and have a secret identity

Doga’s love interest is Monika, who initially disguised herself as Lomdi to know doga’s real identity. Monika is actually Suraj’s lost lover Sonu, who he used to think died many years ago. She hates Doga’s barbaric way of dealing with criminals but loves him nevertheless.

Dexter has romantic/ sexual relationships with several characters like Trisha Billings, Cassie Jollenston, Hannah McKay, Rita Morgan, Lumen Pierce and Lila West. Hannah McKay is the character with whom his relationship blossoms over season 7 and 8 and with whom he leaves his son Harrison in the end. He accepts her proposal to go live in Argentina but decides against it due to the interferences of Hurricane Laura, Oliver Saxon and the sudden death of his sister. By the way, Hannah moonlights as a serial killer with a three-state killing spree behind her and was one of the targets for Dexter before they fell in love.



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