Why Chetan Bhagat is clearly trolling the world with his novels?

For decades, English Literature in India was synonymous with sophisticated and educated elite with a penchant for showing off. Along came Chetan Bhagat who with his novels like ‘Five point someone’, not only changed the landscape of English writing in India but started a new line of over-dramatic, Bollywood versions of novels for the consumption of masses in India.

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 He is clearly the most popular and most despised author in India at the same time. The question arises if he is just a monkey with heightened sense of Bollywood style storytelling, a keyboard and Microsoft word thesaurus or there is a method to his madness.  In spite of all the criticism he has received, he keeps churning out novels with half-baked plots at alarming frequency without showing the slightest inclination to change.

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 And every time, we relegate him to the category of ‘has been’, he reinvents himself and comes back with something that shocks its way into our consciousness. A troll today is defined as someone who deliberately provokes others and Chetan Bhagat, with his books, Interviews, TV Shows and movie scripts clearly shows that he has mastered the art of trolling.

Chetan Bhagat is an IIT/IIM graduate with first novel as ‘Five point someone’

Being an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur, Chetan Bhagat boasts of educational qualifications that most of his countrymen aspire for. With his own CGPA being quite good in graduation, his first novel ‘Five point someone’ was clearly an attempt to create a masala Bollywood movie equivalent for English novels. Pour in factors like rebellion, sexual fantasies and middle class dreams and the title of ‘youth icon’ is clearly yours. And as if to tell the world of his literary genius, he has actually thanked Microsoft Word in his books. Whoever thought, technology and art don’t go together.

Chetan Bhagat keeps churning out novels with half-baked plots at alarming frequency without showing the slightest inclination to change

Chetan Bhagat has written 7 novels with sales of over 7 million copies. By all standards, he is the most successful English author that India has seen. The only problem is that his writing is inspired more by what his target group wants. He is like the literary equivalent of a Salman Khan movie. You know it’s not going to be good but you are sure of a good time. In fact, he has taken this one step further by actually suggesting that he does not write for his critics in the novel ‘Half Girlfriend’. Hell, with so much money pouring in, he has earned the right to be cocky.

Author with maximum success in getting movie adaptations of his novels

With four of his novels being adapted to Bollywood movies, Chetan Bhagat has surely created a brand for himself. In fact, he is one of the few writers in Bollywood who was at the forefront of promotion for one of his movies. He is like India’s Nicholas Sparks.

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 The only difference being that Sparks writes only about eternal love stories while Chetan only writes semi-autobiographical accounts of his life.

Chetan Bhagat- The Realty show judge and protector of Indian values

Just when we thought, movies would be the final frontier to conquer for Chetan (I mean how many things a person can be in one lifetime), he surprised everyone with his turn as a judge on a dance realty show, in what is a brazen attempt to create a hated judge like Simon Cowell for Indian television.

As a judge, he now gets a soapbox to explain his set brand of Indian values and diplomacy on television on a weekly basis and Indian television can now claim to support literature by having an author on a prime time show.

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