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WHP in United Kingdom shows Lord Shiva smoking and drinking in a promo picture. Apologizes later!!

Elrow caused a controversy in United Kingdom when they showed Lord Shiva smoking and drinking to announce a Bollywood themed night at the Albert Hall in Manchester.

Elrow lord shiva cariacature

The image used for promo displayed several different aspects of Indian culture and the Hindu religion. However the image was considered insulting to Indian religious sentiments since it was insulting to one of the most revered deities in India, Lord Shiva. Some people also complained about the cultural appropriation visible so clearly in this case.

Warehouse project bollywood party

The picture was originally the cover photo for the event on facebook but it has now been removed and only the title of the event is the visible. Warehouse project also ultimately released an official statement where they apologized for any offence they might have caused.

Warehouse project bollywood party


Source: WHP apologise for picturing a Hindu god smoking and drinking in a promo picture

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