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Trek from Mcleod Ganj to Triund Hill

One more addition to the trekking wonders of India is the Triund Trek. But to know about it, we first have to explore Mcleod Ganj.

Mcleod Ganj & its history:

The hill Mcleod was named over the founder Sir Donald Friell Mcleod a british army official of Punjab, whereas the suffix Ganj in hindi/urdu language means the surrounding or neighbourhood. It is a suburb of Dharamsala, or Little Lhasa as called by the local population of Tibetians.
Over the years, people in and around the place Mcleod Ganj have forgotten that this place was once the centre of trading, it was used to smuggle many types of things out east. Therefore, this place was a must to have conquered.

Mythical India Mcleod ganj


The common fetish of Britishers to conquer and acquire the hill stations and decorate them in their own style and fashion is known by one and all. And so over this piece of hill top many fights were fought. Fights between the Sikhs and the British army being a few.


Mythical India Mcleod Ganj


Dharamshala International Film Festival:The film festival which began in 2012 holds a significance in the culture and arts sector, though tourists flock around here at Mcleod Ganj, most of them come over to study the Tibetian Culture.

Triund Hill:

It is a ridge like structure over Dhauladars. The elevation being from 2600 metres to 2800 metres.

Mythical India Mcleod ganj

Trek From Mcleod To Triund:

This trek is a fascinating one with holding place in every trekkers journal. The trek is about 10 kms from Ganj bust stand.
Captive History: One thing which fascinates the visitors about Mcleod Ganj is that Dalai Lama was here on exile. The visitors often are more excited about meeting the Great Lama on mind more than trekking some hill.
Mythical India Mcleod Dalai lama


Unforgettable Experience: The trekking experience to Triund Hill with all the scenic beauty and pausing for poses would approximately take 4 hours by walking. The beauty of the hill, the shrinking drizzle and the vast greenery soothes the eyes beyond imagination. It relaxes the mind as well giving utmost joy to the heart.
Mythical India Mcleod ganj

Triund Hill Facilities: The Hill has a plateau like region where camp sites and tea shops offering Maggi as well are quite common. These tea shops offer tea that tickles the taste buds and makes the famished trekker go happy.

Mythical India Mcleod Ganj

The activities to bring delight: The hill has many activities which indulge the other side of the tourist bringing glee.
1) Paragliding : This fun activity is offered to the tourist in the guidance and is teemed to be extremely enjoyable.
2) Yoga and Exercise: The centres present there offer to teach yoga in a most unique manner.
3) Dine and Wine: The famous Bar and restaurant offer widest range of most delicious dishes with finest wine.

Mythical India Mcleod
The Triund Hill is packed with different surprises in a row which renders it to be a must for trekking enthusiasts

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