Thakur Roshan Singh biography, age, family, birthday & more


Check out Thakur Roshan Singh biography, birthday, age, family, wiki and some lesser known facts about his contribution to Indian freedom struggle


Thakur Roshan singh biography

  1. Name- Thakur Roshan Singh
  2. Known for- Contribution to Indian freedom struggle, Kakori conspiracy
  3. Organization: Hindustan Republican Association

Personal life

  1. Important dates
    • Birthday- 22 Jan 1892
    • Obit day- 19 December 1927
  2. Important places
    • Place of birth-  Navada village, Shahjahanpur
    • Obit place-  Allahabad
  3. Education
    • Institutions- NA
    • Educational qualifications- NA
  4. Family
    • Father- Jangi ram Singh
    • Mother- Kaushalyani Devi
    • Siblings- NA
    • Spouse- NA
    • Children- NA

Lesser known facts

  1. Thakur Roshan Singh was also sentenced in ‘Bareilly shooting case’ during non-cooperation Movement for two years’ imprisonment.
  2. He was actually a sharp shooter and a very good wrestler. He was also associated with Arya Samaj in Shahjahanpur.
  3. After getting released from jail in 1922, he went to Shahjahanpur and to meet Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil at Arya Samaj. Since, Bismil was already searching for some sharp shooters, he immediately made Thakur Roshan Singh a member of his organization. He was made in charge of teaching shooting to the youngsters who enrolled in the party.
  4. He also suggested to Ram Prasad Bismil that they will have to steal money from the rich by force for the revolution. They gave a new term to this strategy called ‘Action’.
  5. Thakur Roshan Singh did not participate in Kakori train robbery but he was also caught and tried by the british government.
  6. At the time of judgement, he could only understand the english words ‘five years’. As a result, he got upset and started abusing the judge for not sentencing him up to standard of Ram Prasad Bismil. he calmed down when told that their magnitude of punishment was same.
  7. His spouse and family had to face lot of hardships after his death including social and economic hardships. In fact, they had problem in even finding a match for his daughters due to the fear of british government.

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