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8 Superheroes from Indian movies you need to know about!!!

Koi Mil Gaya made the Superheros genre cool again in India. And Hrithik Roshan dashed off to save the world in form of Krrish with the superpower of jumping in Krrrish and Krrish3. This was followed by movies with some of the better special effects that we have seen like Ra-one and A flying Jatt. But here are some of the lesser known superheroes from Indian movies that you need to know about.

Number 1: Shiva Ka insaaf

Shiva Jackie shroff

It is a 1985 hindi Movie which was also billed as India’s first 3 D movie. It was directed by Raj N. Sippy and starred Jackie Shroff , Poonam Dhillon and Gulshan Grover in lead roles. In the movie, after the murder of his father Shiva turns for help to his father’s friend, Ram. Ram accepts him and trains him with two close friends, Rahim, and Robert. After growing up, Shiva tries to overcome evil and to seek out the killers of his parents. The film was only a moderate box office success and a critical failure. It was also referred to in the movie A flying Jatt by Tiger Shroff.

Number 2: Ajooba

Ajooba Amitabh Bachchan shashi kapoor

Ajooba is a 1991 fantasy superhero film which was produced and directed by none other than Shashi Kapoor. It was a dream project for Shashi Kapoor and one of the costliest superheroes movie made in Bollywood at the time. It is a fantasy film loosely based on Arabian mythology. Starring Amitabh Bachchan, the movie has Amrish puri playing a devil-worshiping Vazir who wants to take over the world. After growing up, Ajooba takes revenge from the Vazir and kills him in an epic magical fight sequence.   Supposedly, Amitabh Bachchan worked in this film for free, as a favor to his longtime collaborator and friend Shashi Kapoor.

Number 3: The Indian Superman

Indian Superman Puneet Issar

The Indian Superman was released in 1987 and was an Indian take on the story of Superman. Going by the original background story of Superman, this movie depicts a young baby from the doomed planet Krypton being sent to Earth, where he is adopted by Ashok kumar in India who names him Shekhar. In his adulthood and learning about his origins and powers, he goes to city in search of his school sweetheart, Gita, who has become a newspaper reporter. Shakti Kapur plays the Super villain Verma. This is one of those awful superheroes productions that have just by dint of being so, so bad have spawned their own cult following online.

Number 4: Drona

Drona Abhishek bachchan and priyanka chopra

Drona is a 2008 Bollywood fantasy adventure superhero film starring Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. The movie features several Indian martial arts like Kalaripayattu, Chhau and sword fighting. It stars KK Menon as the arch nemesis and Priyanka chopra as the ass-kicking body guard. The movie was filmed in Prague, India and Namibia and boasted of some very good special effects. Critics’ response to the movie was very poor and it sank without a trace with commercial failure as well.

Number 5- Mr India

Mr India Anil kapoor and Sridevi

Superheroes come and superheroes go, but Mr India is truly as good as it gets. Anil Kapoor played the happy-go-lucky violinist and simpleton who had an invisibility-bracelet. Armed with the bracelet, he stood up to the supervillain Mogambo played with terrific elan by Amrish Puri who plans for world domination. The love interest is played by Sridevi in a journalist’s role. The film was a smash hit, and remains one of the most watchable movies of the time which is still considered a groundbreaking piece of work. “Mugambo sach me khush hua”.

Number 6: Alag

Alag dia mirza

Supposedly inspired from Hollywood movie powder, Alag tried to tackle the theme of telekinesis in a mature manner. The movie had the protagonists’s father passing away One night with a heart attack. When the Police search his residence they find Tejas who has spent his entire life in the basement and as a result of this is extremely sensitive to sunlight. When Tejas starts showing signs of Telekenesis, several scientists wish to perform experiments on him. On refusing, Tejas is abducted and held in a glass chamber by Dr. Richard Dyer played by Tom Alter), who wants to control his mind for his own benefit. The film ends with Purva played by Diya Mirza and Tejas driving away in sunset. Although the plot was decent and there was some good acting by leads, the movie failed to find too many takers.

Number 7: Zokkomon

Zokkomon darsheel safari

Zokkomon, was a venture of disnep in india. The movie starred Darsheel safari of Taare zameen par fame and boasted of some good special effects and decent performances. However, a lacklustre script brought the movie down.

Number 8: Kanthaswamy

Kanthaswamy Vikram

Before Michael Keaton made Birdman, vikram starred in this 2009 Tamil movie directed by Susi Ganesan. Starring Shriya Saran the film was dubbed and simultaneously released as Mallanna in Telugu with the hindi version being called Shiva – The Superhero. The film’s plot revolved around Kanthaswamy played by vikram, who is an Income Tax officer in the CBI. He grants the wishes of the needy by disguising himself as an anthropomorphic rooster. The movie was a huge commercial success with widely appreciated music and songs.

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