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Mysterious Sound Producing Rocks at Mahakali Temple in Gujarat

The nature works in mysterious ways. It manifests itself in such pristine forms that evoke several thoughts in the mind of the observer. Howsoever bedazzling be the nature, there are some unexplained and yet unexplored phenomenon which are mind blowing. There are many such instances of devotion scratching out the scientific temper. One among them is the metallic sound producing rocks situated near the Mahakali Temple in Sabli near Pratapgarh, Gujarat.

Mythical India Sound producing rocks Mahakali mandir Sabli gujarat

We Indians are relentless in our virtues and spirituality. The superstitions and myths have taken the enigmatic form of the God’s blessings. These beliefs are extremely sacrosanct among the gullible gullible who fall into the trap of these beliefs and fail to adopt a scientific temper.

Mahakali Temple: The Religious belief

The rocks that are present near the Mahakali temple produce deafening sound when they are hit with any metallic objects. Apart from this, a video demonstrating the clangour has indeed gone viral and this has led to complete astonishment.

The devotees who visit this place claim that this is a gift from the Goddess who protects them all. Some claim that these rocks are blessings given to the people due to their high devoutness. Religion is no barrier in visiting this temple. This temple is also frequented by Muslims who believe in the power and virtue of this goddess.

The scientific facts

Provoked by the dominance of the superstitious belief in this place, the scientists began to analyse the provenance of the sound itself. Investigators rich in experience about rocks and their chemical analysis visited this place. They did succeed in breaking the bubble of myth that clouded the scientific temper of the people.

After several studies and analysis the investigators found out the root cause of the metallic sound. This enigmatic sound was produced primarily due to high alkali content (or iron content) in the rocks.Also, when these rocks were hit by metallic objects, electric stress was generated inside these rocks. This electric stress is dissipated in the form of a metallic sound.

Similar Archetypes

Apart from this metallic clangour, there are rocks or stones situated in various parts of the country that produce musical tunes when struck. One example is the Thinthini stones in Chhattisgarh. When this huge stone is struck by other stones, it produces musical notes. Research is still being going on as to why this unusual pleasant sound occurs.

Another example would be musical pillars in temples of South India. Pillars produce musical tunes and these pillars are found in Hampi (in Karnataka), the world famous Madurai Meenakshi Temple, and also in the popular shrine of Lord Venkateswar, Tirupathi.

Mythical India musical pillars meenakshi temple
Musical pillars of Meenakshi temple

Well it did take some time and effort to prove that there was indeed a scientific explanation behind the smoke of enigma in the case of these metallic sound producing rocks (at the Kali Mata temple). We leave it to the devotees to either accept or reject the scientific explanation for these interesting cases based on the belief system.

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