Sarala devi biography, profile, birthday, family & more

Check out Sarala devi biography, profile, birthday, family, wiki and some lesser known facts about his contribution to Indian freedom struggle.Sarala_Devi_biography

Sarala devi biography

  1. Name- Sarala devi
  2. Known for- Contribution to Indian freedom struggle
  3. Political party- Indian national congress

Personal life

  1. Important dates
    • Birthday- 9 August 1904
    • Obit day- 4 October 1986
  2. Important places
    • Place of birth- Narilo village, Orissa (British India)
    • Obit place-
  3. Education
    • Institutions- NA
    • Educational qualifications- NA
  4. Family
    • Father- Basudev Kanungo
    • Mother- Padmavati Devi
    • Siblings- NA
    • Spouse- Bhagirathi Mohapatra
    • Children- NA

Lesser known facts

  1. She was raised by her father’s elder brother named Shri Balamukunda Kanungo. Shri Kanungo was a Deputy Collector. As a child she received her primary education in Banki. Her uncle was posted there as a part of her job.
  2. Sarala devi was the first woman from Odisha who joined the non-cooperation movement during the Indian freedom struggle in 1921.
  3. As a part of independent India, she actually became the first woman who became a member of the Odisha Legislative Assembly. Sarala devi was also elected to be the first female speaker of Legislative Assembly and the first Odia woman who was selected as the delegate in the Indian National Congress.
  4. She had joined Indian national congress in 1921. She did it inspired from Mahatma gandhi when he visited Odisha.
  5. She was also a prolific author and she authored 30 books and 300 essays.


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