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Roopkund Lake: The Skeleton Lake in Uttaranchal

The Roopkund lake in Uttaranchal is another mysterious place known for its paranormal activities. Situated in the district of Chamoli, this mystifying element of beauty and nature is locally referred to as the Skeleton Lake. Over 5,000 meters above the sea level this lake was discovered accidentally by a group of trekkers.

The Resting Place : This lake lying near Trishul Massif had first gained lots of criticism and media attention when a Nanda Devi game reserve ranger H. K. Madhwal discovered Skeletons dating back to about 9th century, in the year 1942. Since then, the Area has been flooded by the Trekkers who love hiking around along with the thrill of being part of the mystery.

Roopkund lake uttarakhand,uttaranchal - Mythical India

Abode to Bones but Not to Flesh: Though this Area is quite famous for the Skeletons of about 300 plus humans lying scattered around in debris, the vicinity is particularly uninhabited. The locals residing in neighboring villages blame it on the ghosts of the ever trapped souls whose skeletons are spread around the lake. The Roopkund lake circuit seems to be a position where paranormal activities are quite common thus pushing the living away.

The skeletons found near the Roopkund Lake - Mythical India
The skeletons found near the Roopkund Lake

Heritage Of The State: This lake famous for the skeletal masses some even with flesh around them is said to be a part of the heritage and the administration is quite worried about recent happenings which include a few tourists taking away the skeletons to store as souvenirs. The administration is now adamant about the protection of this heritage and is bound to make a law soon.

Glacial Enchantment: The Roopkund Lake is mostly covered with snow throughout the year, only about two meter deep. But, this shallow lake is surely a wonderful picturesque tourist destination. The tourists become more anxious and throng the place when the snow clears and the skeletons lying deep become visible due to the lake’s clear and sparkling water.

The water at Roopkund Lake is crystal clear - Mythical India
The water at Roopkund Lake is crystal clear

Trekking and Camping: The Roopkund circuit exerts a pull on the trekkers from around the various parts of world. Trekkers who want to really enjoy the beauty of nature with a mystery and supernatural tadka do choose this place. Many Travel Writers have mentioned this place in their accounts and blogs.

Roopkund lake is famous for its Trek and camping expeditions - Mythical India
Camps near Roopkund

Theories of Science: Scientists and Biologists who claim to have tested the skeletons and with an accuracy of about 97%, report to the world that most of the skeletons DNA points towards them being from the Iranian descent. They explain this fact by saying that most probably the Iranians were on a search about for a destination to settle and taking help from some local people headed towards the mountainous terrain only to have struck by a hail storm and dying together as a cluster.

Belief Of Religious Conviction: Though the scientists managed to accurately guess what happened about almost 1200 years ago, the religious followers still believe a myth they carry forward for generations. And so goes the story that the King of Kanauj, Raja Jasdhaval with his expecting wife Rani Balampa and an ensemble of courtesans and a few helpers were off to the Darshan or pilgrimage to the shrine of Nanda Devi the local goddess. While on their way they were hit with a heavy hailstorm and expired.

The Mahakumbh of Uttarakhand: The most preached local deity, Nanda Devi is rumored to have a bad temper. The destroying of the clan of King of Kanauj is said to have happened due to her anger over the former’s misdeeds or ill treatment towards his subjects. Therefore, to please Nanda devi the villagers perform festivals annually. A large festival, Nanda Devi Raj Jat is celebrated every twelve years, very much like our Mahakumbh.

The Nanda devi raj jat festival is the Mahakumbh of Uttarakhand - Mythical India

Trekking Routes and Information to Savour: There are numerous routes to be taken for the trek, though the most followed and common one is the Lohajung Or Wan from where they reach the Ran Ki Dhar, a plateau plate and perfectly ideal for Camping. Another Route begins from Mundoli near Tharali, accessible from Haridwar. Kathgodam can be listed as another place from where the trek starts, this being the only route connected via rail and further travel can be taken up via road.

Th trekking map of Roopkund lake in Uttarakhand - Mythical India
The trekking map of Roopkund lake in Uttarakhand

Roopkund might be inaccessible most of the months, but this doesn’t stop the area from getting swarmed and teemed by the ever enthusiastic, adventure-philes!

Written by Ankita Tiwari

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