Rajendra lahiri biography, family, birthday & more

Check out Rajendra lahiri biography, birthday, family, wiki and some lesser known facts about his contribution to Indian freedom struggle


Rajendra lahiri biography

  1. Name- Rajendra lahiri
  2. Full name- Rajendranath lahiri
  3. Known for- Contribution to as a revolutionary to Indian freedom struggle
  4. Organizations- Hindustan socialist republican association

Personal life

  1. Important dates
    • Birthday- 23 July, 1901
    • Obit day- 17 Dec, 1927
  2. Important places
    • Place of birth- Pabna, Bengal presidency (British India)
    • Obit place- Uttar Pradesh
  3. Education
    • Institutions- NA
    • Educational qualifications- Master of Arts
  4. Family
    • Father- NA
    • Mother- NA
    • Siblings- Kshitij Mohan lahiri
    • Spouse- NA
    • Children- NA

Lesser known facts

  1. Rajendra lahiri had taken part in ‘Dakshineswar bombing’ and was able to escape fromthe police.
  2. He participated in the Kakori train robbery along with Ram prasad bismil and other revolutionaries. As a result, he got arrested and was later tried for the previous bomb case of Dakshineswar as well. Rajendra lahiri was sentenced to 10 years rigorous imprisonment. In addition, when the british government initiated the legal proceedings for Kakori conspiracy case, he was also included in it.
  3. After the trial, he was found guilty after a long trial and death sentence was awarded to him. He was hanged in the Gonda jail (Uttar Pradesh) on 17 Dec 1927. His execution was actually done two days before scheduled date.

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