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My rendezvous with the mesmerizing beauty of Kutch

Being a travel enthusiast I had a chance to visit the famous Rann of Kutch few month back. There is so much in Gujarat for everyone, whether you are a travel enthusiast or a history buff, photo fanatic or an experience seeker you are bound to be amazed by this place. There is a lot to see and do here but I will talk about about the three best places and experiences I had in Kutch.

The white desert or Rann of Kutch - Mythical India
The white desert or Rann of Kutch

The Rann of Kutch

Undoubtedly my best experience of the trip was “The Rann of Kutch”. Call it by any name “The White Rann”, “The White Desert”, “The Great Salt Desert” but when you first see the place you get totally spellbound to describe it. You step cautiously on the salt at first and then you get playful with it and after an hour of walk into the desert watching the milky glow of the salty sand in moonlight you find peace. Try to reach here well before sunset, so that you have time to walk deep in the desert and watch the sun go down changing colors of sky every minute. This place will cast a spell on you & you might want to return here for every sunset of your trip but hold that thought, there’s more.

Sunset at the white desert in Kutch - Mythical India
Mesmerizing sunsets at the White Desert


A gold mine for historians I would say. It’s the fifth largest Harappan sites in Indian sub-continent, second largest in India and another must visit. Dholavira also consists one of the world’s earliest water conservation systems. You can see the relics of the Indus valley civilization at The Archaeological Museum next to the site. All that you have read in books and heard of is right in front of you, don’t complain if you get goose bumps!

Dholavira, the harappan site in Kutch - Mythical India
The remains in Dholavira, the fifth largest Harappan site


While you are in Kutch another must go place is the beautiful beach city “Mandvi”. If you are starting off from Bhuj, make sure to take out time for the enchanting Vijay Vilas Palace on the way. It’s a perfect royal residence set amidst well-trimmed gardens and marble fountains. Made with colored glass, protruding porches and domes on pillars, this palace is a treat to the eyes. Set off from there and reach the beautiful beach at Mandvi. Cool breeze in your hair, birds and windmills rotating in circles above the cold water, fun camel ride on the beach that you just wouldn’t be able to stay away from. Sunset, camels, flamingos and a lovely evening.

Beautiful camels in Mandvi near Kutch - Mythical India

The local art is beautiful and the food is delicious(Locate the famous “Osho” restaurant in Mandvi and enjoy the traditional thali served with love). There is a lot more to explore and soak in while you are in Kutch but for me these are the gems of the place. You are bound to be mesmerized and left longing for more.

Flamingos flying around Mandvi - Mythical India



Written by Shikha Chaudhary

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