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Malvan: Home to long secluded beaches and delicious Malvani cuisine

Whenever we think of Malvan, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is long secluded beaches,  Malvani food and of course Kokum Sharbat.

Yes, all these were part of my journey to Malvan including my first experience of Scuba Diving.

I explored Devbaug and Tarkarli Beaches in this leisure trip.  Tarkarli is known for its white sand, crystal clear water and long secluded beach.  This is must visit place for those who want to explore hidden gems of nature.

Beautiful beaches with white sand - Mythical India

Tarkali and its Malvan seafood

The journey started from CST Mumbai in Konkan Kanya Express. I reached Kudal, the next day morning. From there, I took an auto for Tarkarli which was an hour journey from Kudal railway station. My resort in Tarkarli actually had “sea at your door step” experience. The perpetual sound of sea waves had a very calming effect. One can easily forget their stressful and hectic life by just spending some alone time sitting here and listening to them.

Long secluded beaches in Malvan - Mythical India

Unlike other popular tourist destinations, sightseeing in Tarkali could be easily managed by local autos. On the First day, I covered market in Malvan Town and enjoyed lunch at Chaitanya. The stuffed Pomfret served here is heavenly and one of the best dishes i ever tasted in all of my journeys across India.

Devbaug and Dolphin Safari

The next day plan was to roam around and cover Devbaug beach. I started early morning from my resort to get glimpse of Dolphins. One can either share boats or can book on private basis for Dolphin Safari. Though, I was not lucky enough to witness the dolphins but I thoroughly enjoyed my boat ride in middle of sea. I also did water sports at Tsunami Island at a very reasonably priced which including Parasailing.

My evening was very well spent on beach. Ridiculously delicious sea food, Arabian Sea, Sun Set, Breezing Air and walks on a beautiful beach!!! What else do we need in life?

Stuffed Pomfret delicious Malvani cuisine seafood - Mythical India

Scuba diving near Sindhudurg Fort

Next day, I was all set for Scuba Diving, the main attraction and the primary reason of the trip. Witnessing aquatic life, playing with fishes and corals has always been my dream. I took jetty to Scuba diving point which is near Sindhudurg Fort.

Sindhudurg fort built by Shivaji in Malvan - Mythical India

The process started with wearing the diving gear and listening to my instructor’s guidelines. The feeling was wow and i found myself in awe of the beauty of this world. There were plenty of corals, vibrant and most stunning fishes around me. It’s really hard to describe the feelings in words.

Scuba diving at Malvan - Mythical India

After around 30-45 minutes, I came out and started my journey towards town. I refreshed myself with Kokum Sharbat available in market and tried my luck in Atithi Restaurant for Malvan cuisine in Lunch. But, nothing can beat the homemade food served at the resort. I still miss Solkadi which I had after every meal of my trip. My favorite time-pass was to watch fishermen busy with daily business on the beach. The visit to local fish market was also surprising due to the variety of fishes and other seafood one can get here.  Other places which I covered were Ganpati Temple and Rock Garden and both are equally beautiful. My overall experience was exceptional.  I was done with my journey in three days and back home with delightful celebrations.

Written by Vidhya Sumra

I Travel, Travel and ONLY Travel. A true travel Genetic.
I grew up traveling with my dad and explored many places in India, especially different parts of Himalayas. And that made me an explorer, true foodie, a planner and always in deep love with Himalayas.

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