Why Lalu Prasad Yadav is responsible father and an impeccable wedding planner?

We all know Lalu Prasad Yadav as a very senior mature politician, messiah of the Dalit population and one of the very few secular leaders of the country (Others being Mulayam Singh Yadav, Sonia Gandhi, Nitish Kumar etc.).

Politics on secularism- a cartoon on santa banta

 He became one of the youngest elected Member of Parliament when he won the Lok Sabha elections from Chhpra, Bihar in 1977 under the aegis of Janata Party.  His political career which spanned for over 40 years has been tainted by a series of scams and controversies.

Tainted political career by scams and controversies

Lalu Prasad Yadav has been convicted in various scams and was forbidden from contesting. His conviction in Fodder scam made national headlines and he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. He married Rabri Devi in 1973 and later installed her as the Chief Minister of Bihar to keep the heirloom (Bihar Chief Minister seat) within family.

Rabri devi as Biahr chief minister. Lalten as party symbol

Though, India adopted family planning way back, people still get shocked knowing that Lalu Prasad Yadav family consists of 9 children. Despite, not being so good on other fronts, Lalu Prasad Yadav has done exceptionally well in educating and providing finest care to them.

Full family picture of Lalu Yadav

The article unearths the reasons why he can be called a responsible father and a flawless wedding planner.

Lalu Prasad Yadav warranted finest education opportunity to his ward through “Chief Minister’s quota”

Lalu Yadav arranged for the best possible education for his children. His two elder daughters Misa and Rohini did their MBBS from a prestigious Medical college through their father’s quota. To maintain diversity, other two daughters Ragini and Hema went for engineering through BITS, Mesra. Chanda became a law graduate and his son Tarun is a budding cricketer. To ensure his smooth sailing into state cricket team, it is said that Lalu became president of Bihar Cricket board.

Mera beta Bihar k liye cricket jaroor khelega - Meme on Lalu after becoming Bihar cricket board president

Lalu Prasad Yadav has 7 daughters, married to a few brightest minds  of India and richest of rich

All the daughters have been married in well to do families. While some are married in families with Political clout, others are married in affluent families. Lalu has chosen the grooms for his daughters after years of meticulous search. That is why all of them are with promising careers in IT or politics.

Lalu clan...all members of family


Lalu’s daughters weddings have been the talking point for decades

All of the weddings have been the talking point in discussions. Whenever people talk about big fat Indian weddings, the weddings of Lalu’s daughters do come up for debate. Most of these weddings raised the eyebrows of general public, Income Tax officials and media houses regarding the budget of the weddings and how Lalu has managed to spend so much after being just a public servant. The fact that most of the weddings misused the state administration and public officials by enrolling them for wedding duty was published in several newspapers.

Lalu daughters and who married whom


And believe us the budget will make you think about his bargaining art and resourcefulness

When you will hear that all those weddings have been budget weddings, you wouldn’t believe it and in turn start questioning your event management skills. After witnessing the grandeur of Misa Bahrati’s wedding, Lalu’s first daughter, Income tax officials slapped a notice to Lalu regarding the expense of the wedding. When Lalu and Rabri devi admitted that wedding budget was a meager 8-10 lakhs, everybody was taken aback. I bet Anushka and Ranveer Singh could not pull such feat though they have vast experience in planning budget weddings.

surprised anushka and ranveer

Later on, Lalu Prasad Yadav turned Income tax commissioner into a “Rishtedar”/”Samdhi”.

Dosti ko rishtedaari me badal dena chaiye

He has achieved the unthinkable feat of marrying Three daughters in Three months

Lalu prioritizes his responsibilities and work quite superbly. After being ousted by Nitish kumar in Bihar and by BJP at center, Lalu had all the time in world to look for worthy grooms for his daughters. He married his three daughters in a span of 4 months and nobody can question the quality of wedding arrangements. Probably, Harvard should publish a case study on how he managed to pull this off successfully and single handedly.

Harvard should do a case study on lalu's wedding planning skill

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