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Kumar Gandharva biography, age, birthday, family, performances & more

Kumar Gandharva biography
Name Kumar Gandharva
Birth Name Shivaputra Siddaramayya Komkalimath
Known for Hindustani classical music
Personal Life
Important dates Birthday: 8th April, 1924

Death: 12 January, 1992

Important places Birthplace: Sulebhavi, Belgaum District, Karnataka, India

Place of death: Dewas, India

Nationality Indian
Educational qualifications
Family Father:



Spouse: Bhanumati Kans, Vasundhara Shrikhande

Children: Kalapini Komkali, Mukul Shivputra

Professional life
Teacher B. R. Deodhar,
Life Kumar Gandharva had already started showing signs of his musical genius by the age of five. He had also started appearing on the stage when he was only 10 years old. At the age of 11, his father sent him to get music education under the well-known teacher Shri B. R. Deodhar. Within a few years, Kumar Gandharva was seen as a star of music and was praised a lot by his critics also.

He got married to Bhanumati Kans who was another teacher at Shri Deodhar’s school, in April 1947. Post this he moved to Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. Soon after moving he was attacked by tuberculosis. The doctors told him that he would never be able to sing again. Kumar Gandharva endured a long period of illness and silence for 6 years. Gradually, through care and affection of his wife who nursed him through illness, he was able to get well by 1953. However, his voice and his singing style was always affected with the scars of his illness. The illness forced him to change his style of singing also where he became known for his powerful short phrases and very high voice.

Kumar Gandharva is remembered for his legacy of innovation and questioning traditions without rejecting them completely. This actually led to a new sound which was still in touch with the roots of Indian culture, with special significance to the folk music of Madhya Pradesh. His innovative approach for music led to creation of several new ragas with a combination of older ragas. Kumar Gandharva was a musicologist also as he used to spend time on contemplating various aspects of music during his illness.

Achievements and
Padma Vibhushan

Padma Bhushan in 1977

Lesser Known Facts
  1. At a very young age, he was inflicted with tuberculosis which ultimately left him with only one functioning lung in his body. After a six-year long and near fatal illness he got will but was completely unable to sing during the time
    1. Kumar Gandharva was a genius and a child prodigy in music. In fact, he acquired the name ‘Kumar Gandharva’ due to his talent since he was compared to a Gandharva, believed to be a musical spirit, according to Hindu mythology
    2. He was well known for his unique vocal style ability to transcend traditions of any gharana
    3. His mastery of musical technique and knowledge was so rapid at the start of his career that he himself started teaching at his school before he had turned 20.
    4. It is believed that his illness gave him inspiration for the radical new conception of Nirguni bhajan, which actually celebrates a formless (Nirguna) divinity.
    5. A documentary called ‘Hans Akela’ on Pandit Kumar Gandharva was made by Films Division of Government of India which had interviews with various people from his life including his wife, friends and students.
    6. Kumar Gandharva’s grandson Bhuvanesh who is the son of Shri Mukul Shivaputra has also made a name for himself as a singer of classical music


Kumar Gandharva

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