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Khudiram bose biography, age, family, birthday & more

Check out Khudiram bose biography, birthday, age, family, wiki and some lesser known facts about his contribution to Indian freedom struggleKhudiram bose

Khudiram bose biography

  1. Name- Khudiram bose
  2. Known for- Great revolutionary in Indian freedom movement

Personal life

  1. Important dates
    • Birthday- December 3, 1889
    • Obit day- 11 August 1908
  2. Important places
    • Place of birth- Habibpur, Midnapore District, Bengal Presidency, India
    • Obit place- Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India
  3. Education
    • Institutions- Hamilton High School, Midnapore Collegiate School
    • Educational qualifications- NA
  4. Family
    • Father- Trailokyanath Bose
    • Mother- Lakshmipriya Devi
    • Siblings- Aparupa Roy
    • Spouse- NA
    • Children- NA

Lesser known facts

  1. Khudiram bose was one of the youngest revolutionaries of the Indian revolutionary movement. When he was hanged by the british, he was only 18 years and 8 months, 8 days old.Khudiram-bose-with-police
  2. Both sons born to his parents before hime had died prematurely. As a result on his birth, his parents followed the traditional belief and sold the new-born child symbolically to the eldest sister for three handful of food grains. This at the time was known as Khud locally. It was an attempt to save the child from dying young. That his how he ended up getting his name Khudiram as well.
  3. Khudiram bose lost both his parents by the time he was seven years old and was raised by his elder sister after that.
  4. He was inspired by Sri Aurobindo & Sister Nivedita when they held public lectures in Medinipur.
  5. Khudiram bose had became a volunteer in Indian freedom movement when he was only 15 years old and got arrested while distributing pamphlets.
  6. He also became a member of Anushilan Samiti and came into contact with Barindra Kumar Ghosh as well.
  7. Khudiram bose was involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Kingsford who was the Chief Magistrate of Calcutta Presidency and was very unpopular for passing harsh sentences on political workers. To carry out the assassination, Khudiram bose and Prafulla chaki followed Kingsford’s daily routine and activities. On the planned day, two women left the Station Club in Muzuffarpur in a carriage which was very similar in appearance to the carriage of Mr. Kingsford.  Both men attacked it by throwing a bomb at the carriage. Both ladies later died due to the attack.
  8. Khudiram bose was arrested on Pusa Road Station after the attack when he was trying to escape. Prafulla chaki was also recognized by a sub-inspector Andalal Banerjee and shot himself to escape getting arrested.
  9. When death sentence was pronounced to Khudiram bose, he actually smiled in the courtroom and told the judge that if he could be given more time, he would teach him the skill of making bombs.High_Court_verdict_on_appeal_of_Khudiram_Bose
  10. An undergraduate college called Khudiram Bose Central College was established in 1965 in Kolkata in his honor.
  11. Muzaffarpur Jail, where he was incarcerated and executed on August 11, 1908 has been named as the Khudiram Bose Memorial Central Jail

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