Kanailal Dutta biography, profile, birthday, family & more

Check out Kanailal Dutta biography, profile, birthday, family, wiki and some lesser known facts about his contribution to Indian freedom struggleKanailal_dutta_biography

Kanailal Dutta biography

  1. Name- Kanailal Dutta
  2. Known for- Contribution to Indian freedom struggle
  3. Organizations- Jugantar

Personal life

  1. Important dates
    • Birthday- 30 August 1888
    • Obit day- 21 November 1908
  2. Important places
    • Place of birth- Chandannagar, Bengal (British India)
    • Obit place- Kolkata, Bengal (British India)
  3. Education
    • Institutions- Girgaon Aryan Education Society School, Bombay, Duplex College in Chandannagar, Hooghly Mohsin College
    • Educational qualifications- Bachelor of Arts
  4. Family
    • Father- Chunilal Dutta
    • Mother- NA
    • Siblings- NA
    • Spouse- NA
    • Children- NA

Lesser known facts

  1. Kanailal dutta met with Professor Shri Charu Chandra Roy during his college days. He inspired him to join Indian revolutionary movement. It was during the agitation against Partition of Bengal that he became a part of Indian freedom struggle.
  2. The police raided and arrested a number of freedom fighters just after Muzaffarpur bomb attack in 1908 which was aimed at killing Kingsford. There were 33 people arrested as a result and Shri Kanailal Dutta was one of these arrested men.
  3. After a raided in Kolkata in 1908, police had discovered a bomb factory along with arms and a large quantity of ammunition. Revolutionaries like Shri Aurobindo Ghosh and several others were arrested. It was during this period that one of the people arrested named Narendranath Goswami became an approver for the British government. He gave up names of several revolutionaries to the police. This led to a lot of additional arrests. The revolutionaries under the leadership of Shri Barin Ghosh made a plan to escape from Jail. They also wanted to get rid of Goswami in the process.
  4. The revolutionaries planned to get Narendra nath goswami to a hospital under false pretenses. This was part of a plot to get him within striking distance. As soon as goswami reached the hospital, two prisoners including Kanailal dutta opened fire on him and ended up killing him. This murder was one of biggest daring acts history of Indian freedom struggle where an approver was killed while he was in police custody.Kanailal_Dutta_revolver_used
  5. Kanailal dutta  was given the death sentence by the High Court which was carried out on 10th  November 1908.Kanailal_Dutta_and_Satyendra_Bosu_arrested
  6. When he was being cremated at Kalighat and his body was handed over to his family, a very large crowd gathered and struggle to touch his body.


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