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Jagriti Yatra, A journey for self actualization. Come and make a difference.

Every year during December, especially in second half of the month , a vast group of youngsters from different parts of India will pack up to embark on a life changing journey.

“If you are a person who instead of relaxing and expecting change in society, stands up to bring the change on his own, then this Yatra is for you.”

“If you are a person who wants his country to be a pioneer in Youth Entrepreneurship and a cradle of innovation, then this Yatra is for you.”

“If you are that youngster who cannot withstand the gender biases, casteism, hypocrisies and violation of basic human rights around your community, then this Yatra has many things to help you.”

“If you want to bring awareness among the people around you to live an inspiring life, then come join this Yatra.”

The Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, a community(Non-Govermental) organizes a 15 day trip called Jagriti Yatra for Indian youths every year covering almost all the major cities of India (Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Tilonia-Delhi–Deoria-Patna-Bhubaneshwar-Vishakapatnam-Chennai-Madurai-Bangalore-Hubli-Mumbai).

The overall route of Jagriti Yatra - Mythical India

The inspirational and confidence boosting endeavor

450 participants will get shortlisted based on critical selection process. The Yatra will be a complete train journey.  Every year the official anthem for Jagriti Yatra is composed and the music along with hums and chorus of Yatri’s echoes into every nook and corner of the train. During the course of this journey, the participants meet prominent leaders, Real time achievers, Change makers, Inspirational personalities and also have the golden opportunity to get in touch with them. To give the participants a taste of rural India, they are also taken to Indian villages who have potential for growth of Enterprises and possess saleable resources to kick start any development.

Jagriti Yatra train coaches - Mythical India

Above all, these 450 Youths who hadn’t known each other will get together and take forward the whole Yatra with utmost enthusiasm and involvement.

Story of Aakash Ranison

Aakash Ranison is a travelprenuer, hitchhiker, speaker, tech enthusiast and also the founder of The Golden Bird Foundation. He is one of the former participants of Jagriti Yatra. At the age of 21, he has visited almost all the states of India with his cycle, to create awareness among people. He had a dream, he made it a point that, unless a person start chasing their own dreams, it will always remains a distant hope. Nonetheless, Jagriti Yatra has created a bigger impact in his life and has made him an icon of inspiration to many youngsters in the country.

Bus journey - Mythical India

Articles about his travels and achievements get columned in many India’s leading newspapers, adding more encouragement to this young bird’s desires. Below are the links for his Social profile and official website.


Like Aakash there are 100s of success stories being created by many insightful Indian youths of all over the world. 

The Psychological Impact

The transition in the lives of each Yatri is obvious and remarkable. The journey plays major role in bringing a great psychological impact in young minds, kindles the innovative selves in them, make them realize the opportunities that lie ahead, open their eyes to see the real face of India and help and support them in making their dreams come true. A mental profoundness can be experienced by taking part in such events. Jagriti Yatra can help get connected with people of like mindedness and also to share the intellect of wise people across the country.

A function organised for youths of Jagriti Yatra - Mythical India

What else is stopping you? Go check the registration process for this year’s Yatra. Make a difference in your lives and the others around you.


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