India rises to the top spot of BPI as best investment destination

Daniel Altman suggests that there is no better time than this to be an international investor. Due to the crippling effects of 2008 slowdown, most countries tightened the noose across their banking systems and fiscal policy. With this being said, the question arises how to zero upon a location for investment? BPI, Baseline Profitability Index, is a measure which can make things absolutely easy in picking an investment destination.

Make in India campaign showing the Lion advertised at Davos prior to Narendra Modi's visit
Make In India campaign advertised at Davos, Switzerland

In its Third edition, the index saw participation of staggering 110 countries and to everyone’s surprise, India is on the top of this index. The top ranking is an indication of positive sentiment among investors and their faith in the government of India.

Summary of the results of BPI, Baseline profitability index


In Author’s own language:

“But the big story in the BPI this year is India coming out on top, with growth forecasts up, perceptions of corruption down, and investors better protected following the election of a government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi


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