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Here’s why you should join ‘Downvote Free Basics’ campaign?

Mythical India launches #downvoteFreeBasics app campaign to tell Facebook in the face that you don’t own the internet. Join the movement now. Please give the Free Basics app 1 star rating and the review to express your discontent over the issue. Please share the below information and ask others to join the movement.

Let’s assume, the whole of India is dependent on food providers for our food supplies. Suddenly, a multi-billionaire businessman, Mark, says I will offer some of the food(basic) as free and it’s not in my interest, it’s for you Indians. Its charity and I am not making any money on this. Now, Mark decides what we get to eat. We agree to it happily and file petitions for our government to let Mark give us ‘free’ ‘basic’ ‘food’.

Someone asked Mark, “Do you eat the same food?”

Mark said, “Why? I don’t need to have basic food. I am not at mercy of someone.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who supports Free Basics - Mythical India

Mark partners with other billionaire businessmen and say we will give Mark the food he needs to offer for free. But hey mind it, it’s not business, we are doing it for the common man. It’s charity again!! Other businessmen who don’t agree to his terms or don’t partner with him, can’t offer us free food. But before we agree to let Mark keep the gate on what we eat and how much we eat, we need to ask ourselves, who own these natural resources? Why should one privileged individual have the right to keep a check and start controlling our resources?

Cartoon displaying message of saving the freedom of Internet - Mythical India

In the free basics analogy, we all know who Mark is, who the businessmen are and what’s the food?

But do we know who owns the internet?
The answer is no one.

Should Mark be the gatekeeper of your Internet access?

Why ‘Free basics’ campaign?

The couldn’t garner the support Mark expected. So now a few of his marketing champs with a free hand to few billion dollars are pushing across the ‘free basics’ idea through large print ads, banners, videos and social media channels.

The truth of Free Basics Campaign - Mythical India
                                                                    The truth of Free Basics Campaign

What is in it for Facebook?

Data. Authority of that data and the power to control the internet. Of course, moolah will flow later. Who knows, when we might start to get sponsored data and ads on the free basics platform.

Importance of data - Mythical India

But still, why should I reject the idea?

If you still haven’t realized what are you signing up for. Here are a few more points:

  1. Facebook can’t be the gatekeeper- No one should decide or keep a check on what you are accessing on the internet (obviously until you are not violating the law). It’s a fact that Facebook shares the data with NSA and this threat to our privacy rises when facebook gets more information about us. (Source)
  2. Facebook shouldn’t decide who participates and who doesn’t- Who has given FB this right? It’s like they deciding what you would get as free and what not, completely violating the principle of net neutrality.
  3. Facebook says no ads on the platform but doesn’t say it would not have in the future.
  4. Finally, the platform won’t have VOIP and rich media content which directly means anything against the teleco’s interest won’t be available. How does this make it a world changing gesture of kindness as projected by Facebook?


Campaign for net nuetrality - Mythical India

Be a part of the Mythical India #downvoteFreeBasics app campaign. Please join hands and tell Facebook directly by giving it a one star.

Downvote Free Basics now

You can also go to the link below and do your bit. Send the mail to TRAI and express your belief in net neutrality.

Save The Internet

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