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Comic- Kaun? A glance at India’s Superhero Universe

While the world goes gaga over Spiderman appearing in the latest trailer of Captain America: Civil War, we bring you some of the forgotten superheroes from the Indian comic world. You might have heard about some of them, grown up reading about others. It will be interesting if Marvel or DC decide to pick some of these in the coming future- because you know- India does account for a large market of the superhero genre. Whether it’s the Avengers universe ruled by Marvel of the TV scenario owned by DC’s line up of the Justice league.

1) Naagraj – The Snake King

The first one on our list probably resonates with the myth and fantasy that resides in our ancient lands. The superpowers this one possesses will probably have Tony Stark throwing fits of fear- unleashing snakes out of his wrists. Yes, you read that right- real, venomous snakes, full grown or small, serving as a rope or parachute or whatever the Naagraj fancies them to be.

Nagraj,the superhero by Raj Comics - Mythical India

And if that wasn’t enough, his venom is supposed to be celestial- causing the victims to melt on a single bite. Add to it the venom breath, superhuman strength and shape shifting. Looks like the creators of Naagraj were bitten by an inclination towards snakes. (Poisonous Pun, right?)

2) Super Commando Dhruva – Our own Captain America

Dhruva was probably the closest we came to create our own version of Captain America– without the shield, that is, but pretty much similar as far as  the moral compass goes. This one is the most honest one, follows the book to the core. His only superpower is his ability to talk to animals and breathe underwater. But do not take him lightly, he was once abducted by the keeps of the galaxy for disturbing the life and death balance on earth- by suppressing the crime rates so much. Talk about intolerance!

Super commando Dhruv - Mythical India

Oh, and he also happens to be the part of a secret but government approved force, hence the title Super Commando.

3) Doga – The alpha Dog

This one has “badass” written all over him. Probably the first anti-hero to surface in the Indian comics’ scene, he is a vigilante who hides behind a dog mask as his alter ego. His tragic past and loss of family have made him a sociopath- and he works solo. You know who that reminds me of- you guessed right- Batman, or Rorschach; depending on which superhero universe you compare him to. His superpowers are mostly human- a result of intense workouts in the gym.

Doga, the alpha dog with alter ego of inspector Suraj

Fun Fact- he can communicate with dogs and order them to do stuff. So basically, he is the alpha to all dogs.

Anurag Kashyap has also announced a movie on him. Excited? We are.

Doga movie by Anurag Kashyap starring Kunal kapoor, indian superhero - Mythical India

4) Aruna – The Shapeshifter

Aruna is an Indian superhero created by DC comics. Yes, you read that right. And she has assisted Batgirl on their special mission to Mumbai. Her superpowers include changing shape and appearance at will. And when not rescuing the world, she works as a stunt-woman in Bollywood.

Aruna, the shapeshifter girl, a character by DC Comics - Mythical India

5) Bheriya –

Well, the name is self-explanatory for this one. He is considered as his god by all wolves, who come to his help whenever he invokes them. His special power is his tail, which can grow to any size as per his will. He can be said to be inspired by Wolverine, though you have to admit- Hugh Jackman would look funny sporting a tail.

Bheriya inspired by Wolverine - Mythical India

6) Inspector Steel – Desi Robocop

This one has Terminator written all over him. After losing most of his body parts in a freak incident, he was fitted into a mechanical body frame. That essentially makes him a cyborg- a lethal one. He has all you can ask for in a superhero- X-ray vision, fully automatic guns, lie detector machines and- in case of emergency- scanner and fax machine. Yes, that’s right. Because you know- Just in case.

Inspector Steel with alter ego inspector Vinay - Mythical India

Whether the superhero universe on the silver screen expand to the Indian comic scene remains to be seen, but this list surely presents an exciting array we would like to see. Till then, watch the Captain America: Civil War trailer again and wait for the release.

Written by Rishabh Mehta

Rishabh is an MBA grad with finance background. A writing enthusiast, he has worked as a freelance writer for The Times of India.

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