#ChennaiFloods: 6 ways through which we can extend help

We all know the level of despair and destruction caused by the incessant raining in Chennai. A situation of flood has arisen which has prompted different groups including government organizations, NGOs and individuals to come out wholeheartedly in support of those who are stranded. With no water supplies and depleting food stocks, it’s getting difficult with each passing day and the city has come to a standstill. If the meteorological department is to be believed the rains would continue unabated for a few more days.

People stranded in logged water - Mythical India

We at Mythical India have tried to compile various sources lying scattered across the social media to extend and seek help. Various start-ups, websites and groups are actively using social media to provide help and provide their 2 cents in helping the cause.

Efforts made by start-ups to help people in Chennai - Mythical India

1) Twitter India has seen hashtags like #ChennaiRains #ChennaiRainHelp trending with people using all these tags to provide information as well as ask for help. Any relevant information regarding the flood and shared using these hashtags would ensure that everything stays at one place.


2) The Google document for seeking help is also doing rounds on social media. This document could be used either to ask for an aid or rescue or could also be used by volunteers to list the service they are willing to offer.

Chennai Floods- Google document

3) The twitter handles of certain celebrities can be accessed to spread the word or make contributions in any way possible.

4) Startups like OLA have offered boat service to ferry people out of waterlogged areas and are also working with fire department by pooling their resources to provide relief.

An initiative of OLA to provide boats for rescuing people - Mythical India

5) Stayzilla has conceived a novel idea of asking people to open up their homes to the victims of this calamity. People who are safe can use this opportunity to contribute to the cause.

6) Paytm has facilitated users to get the phones of their friend’s and family recharged for free by calling a toll free number 18001030033.


A Bangalore based start-up, apartmentadda has launched an online Adda for Chennaites to update and share information about their surroundings in various localities in Chennai.

Chennai Adda

We request you all to share this information so that it reaches to as much people as possible and they get benefited from the rescue and relief operations going on across the city. We also request people to be a part of this people driven movement in whatever capability possible. Let us all pray for Chennai.

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