Why Captain Vyom, a character played by Milind Soman, deserves his own movie?

If you ask someone about Captain Vyom in India, the name is bound to elicit a feeling of nostalgia about the time when India used to have only one TV channel, Doordarshan, which had all the original programming. Being government owned, it obviously had a lot of issues. But when it got its programing right, the result was nothing short of spectacular with TV serials like Chandrakanta, buniyaad, Fauji, Circus and many more.

Shahrukh Khan in Fauji, when he still cared about things other than collections
Shahrukh Khan in Fauji, when he still cared about things other than collections

Captain Vyom is one of the most legendary characters India has ever produced. It is right up the alley with Raj comics characters like Doga, Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv. To understand the craze the show commands, have a look at this extremely cool animated video about the special effects on Captain Vyom, the TV series.

Now that you are convinced of how good the show must have been, here are a few reasons why Captain Vyom deserves to be made into a movie right away:

Captain Vyom: One of the best science fiction TV series ever created in India

Captain Vyom was one of the first science fiction TV series created in India. Of course ‘Space city Sigma’ was created much before it, but Captain Vyom towers above everyone else in terms of sheer originality, conviction of story-telling and innovativeness.

Space_city_Sigma_1989_DoordarshanIn today’s times, when Krrish is claimed to be India’s first home-grown superhero (if we ignore Shaktimaan, Aryamaan, Captain Vyom and several awesome characters which exist in Indian comic-verse!!!) and (a mix of several Hollywood movies and ads!!!) is considered as a pathbreaking movie in terms of conceptualization; Captain Vyom really shows how far back we have gone in terms of quality and original content

A story set on a scale grander than anything India had ever seen

If you thought that the scale and plot of Interstellar was epic, wait till you hear the basic plotline of Captain Vyom. In 2220 A.D. mankind after conquering the solar system has reached out into space with earth being ruled by a World Government. A moon of Jupiter is a top-security prison for some of the most dangerous fugitives of mankind. A meteorite strike destroys the security system of the prison and some of the worst criminals break loose. Captain Vyom is given the charge of recapturing them.

amazing scale of imagination in captain vyom videos

Vyom was the son of one of the Earth’s top scientists and the grandson of the ruler of the parasites from the 13th Dimension, a race of beings 10 million years aheads of us in civilization. He had been brought up in a monastery in Ladakh, and he had yogic powers of concentration. (Source)

Captain Vyom had some of the most awesome villainous characters India had ever seen

If you think the Marvel release ‘Suicide Squad’ looks interesting, you need to look at the line-up from Captain Vyom. The fugitives who escape from the prison include characters like ‘Paras’ the alchemist, ‘Chhalasur’ the illusionist, ‘Mohini’ the hypnotist, ‘Durgati’ the biologist, ‘Morpha’ the shape-shifter, ‘Kineto’ the psychic, ‘Sonic’ the lord of soundwaves, ‘Gravito’, ‘Venom’, ‘Computo’ and ‘Vikaal’. Now, just compare it to the Maanvars (seriously just plain rip off of mutants from x-men!!!) that Rakesh Roshan gave us in Krrish-3 and you will know why people look so longingly for the world the TV series created.

Maanvars/Mutants in Krrish 3!!!
Maanvars/Mutants in Krrish 3!!!

The most good looking cast ever

In the show, here are the people who play the main characters. Captain Vyom (Milind Soman) is the son of Om Swaroop (Milind Soman) and Parchhayee (Nethra Raghuraman). His team consists of Commander Pablo, Lieutenant Maya (Kartika Rane ), Captain Blaze ( Sanjay Singh ), Dr.Zen ( Divya Palat ), Fuller, Syd-E, the android robot ( Shehzaad Saeed ), and Surya ( Jeto Sanjana). And we have still not talked about the people who played the roles of fugitives.

Actors on Captain Vyom
These are the people who played villains!!!

Captain Vyomm inspired a comic book series and has its own fan-art

The Captain Vyom comic book series was published by Diamond Comics in many Indian languages and in English. And why not, the series boasted of some of the best production values seen till then. In fact, it was still better than what we are sometimes subjected to even today.

Captain Vyom comic books published by Diamond comics
Captain Vyom comic books published by Diamond comics

Not only that, it has also inspired its own fan art Fan art

Captain Vyom fan art
Captain Vyom fan art

Now, let us just leave you deep in deep nostalgia with this really nice fan made theme song from Captain Vyom.

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