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Battle of Saraighat and the forgotten legacy of Lachit Borphukan

Who was Mr. Narendra Modi referring to in the following tweet?

NArendra Modi's tweet paying tribute to Lachit Borphukan - Mythicalindia

If that’s intriguing, then let us know more about Lachit Borphukan. Born on 24th November, 1622 Lachit was a military commander (Also known as Borbarua) in the famous Ahom Kingdom in Assam. His ability to lead his army, dealing with state of affairs diplomatically and ferocious fighting capabilities made him a hero during the battle of Saraighat. An army of the Ahom’s led by Lachit decimated the Mughal attack, under the leadership of Ram Singh, the then prince of Amber.

A statue depicting Lachit Borphukan leading his men from front - Mythicalindia

Hengdang sword used by Ahom's during war - Mythicalindia
Hengdang sword used by Ahom’s

Aurangzeb, determined to the expansion of his empire in the east, commissioned a huge army under Ram Singh’s command. The Ahom’s were virtually outnumbered. The situation demanded tactical brilliance, diplomacy and guerrilla warfare as Ahom’s were not good in fighting battles in the plains.

The battle strategy of Saraighat - Mythicalindia
The strategies and formations during Battle of Saraighat

Thus, Lachit Borphukan carefully devised a battle plan using Saraighat as the battle field where Brahmaputra was narrow. The river bank was surrounded by hills which gave Ahom’s an edge and saved them from fighting an open battle. Mughal navy was their weakest link which Ahom’s used to their advantage. During the final battle over Brahmaputra, Lachit himself attacked Mughal Navy with 7 war boats. This fierce attack left 4000 Mughal army dead and their navy destroyed.

A painting showing Lachit Borphukan leading his navy in Brahmaputra - Mythicalindia
Lachit Borphukan leading his navy on Brahmaputra for final attack

To commemorate the heroic deeds of Lachit Borphukan, Assam celebrates 24th November as “Lachit Diwas”. Even National Defense Academy decorates its best cadet by conferring them Lachit Borphukan Gold medal.

A statue of Lachit Borphukan in Assam

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