9 Nov- Birth Anniversary of Shankar Nag, the creator of Malgudi days

Before globalization in 1991, Doordarshan was the only broadcast operator in India. It used to invite private producers to create television serials. Malgudi Days, an integral part of childhoods for people growing up in that era, was created and directed by Shankar Nag. The serial was based on the collection of short stories by R.K.Narayan. Malgudi Days has been rated as one of the finest serials ever to be made in the history of Indian Television.

Malgudi days
Malgudi days by R K Narayan

Shankar Nag was not only an Indian film actor, screenwriter, director & producer, primarily in the Kannada film industry, but also a highly acclaimed writer and actor in Theater. His films Autoraja, Moogana Sedu, Muniyana Madari, Karmika Kallanalla, Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige, Indina Bharatha showed his inclination towards the working class of the society. They all had an undying optimism for a better tomorrow. Nag was considered to be one of the most dedicated and experimental artists in the Indian Cinema.

shankar nag first movie_mythicalindia_opt
Shankar nag in his first movie

Autoraja Shankar nag

He died in a car crash during the shooting of his film Jokumaraswamy.

Due to the popularity of his film ‘Autoraja’, his pictures can still be found on Auto rickshaws in Karnataka, even after 25 years of his death.

Autoraja_shankar nag_mythicalindia

Ranga Shankara, a popular venue for theatre performances in Bangalore, was a brain child of Shankar Nag. It was a dream which was later fulfilled by his wife Arundhati Nag.

Rang Shankara_mythicalindia
Rang Shankara
Shankar Nag RajKumar_opt
Shankar Nag with RajKumar
shankar and arundhati nag_mythicalindia
Shankar Nag and Arundhati Nag


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