7 Reasons why Facebook users are apprehensive of logging into their accounts

Facebook was supposed to be fun. Isn’t it? The rituals of sending or accepting friend requests of complete strangers just to amass more connections and poking each other incessantly are things of past now. Facebook has moved on to become a contest for Brands, their marketing and fan building activities. Organizations are actively motivating consumers for greater engagement on Facebook through their Fan pages.

Users are getting fed up with Facebook

As a regular user most of us were sure that advertising and commercialization of Facebook is inevitable and it’s not the only thing to worry about. We bring you the factors which scare a common Facebook user who is about to open his account:

1. Update overdose from close F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Have you ever noticed people who live and die for Facebook? The first task on their agenda after reaching a restaurant, bar etc. is to put a Facebook check in. Their happiness could be measured in terms of likes and shares they get on their posts.

Facebook users are obsessed with web checkins
Example of a Facebook Check-In


As if that was not enough, they now get an option of expressing their feelings through words.

New feature of expressing your feelings


These Facebook buffs are found in each and every photo and selfie clicked on an occasion. Their daily updates of a happening and eventful life sometimes makes others sad and depressed.

Facebook causes depression and evokes feeling of jealousy

2. Receiving Candy crush requests

All Facebook users are plagued by the game requests received from their connections. Though, the issue is perpetual, the source keeps changing. Earlier, we felt annoyed by Mafia Wars and now it’s Candy Crush. The level of detest is such that people have started unfriending connections who send Candy Crush game requests.

Meme on Candy Crush requests

3. Witnessing another feud between #aaptards and #modibhakts

Social media is rapidly transforming into a conduit for political propaganda and influencing people’s opinion (sometimes on the basis of fabricated facts) on a variety of issues. It becomes even more awkward and painful when people close to you are passionately involved. As a result, your wall becomes an arena for political mudslinging and there is nothing you can do about it.

Online campaigns of political parties against each other
One of the many news items widely circulated on Facebook

The use of Social media for political campaigning has gained exponentially and the recently concluded Delhi assembly election is a proof of that.

4. Running into another open letter

Writing an open letter has become a fashion these days and its popularity is directly proportional to the controversial extent of the issue being addressed. With India dogged by numerous issues, we fear of witnessing an open letter everyday followed by the social outburst regarding the audacity of the author and the content.

Meme on Open letters

5. Getting updates of your friend’s friend

This is a technical issue which brings a lot of unwanted content on your wall. You get to see updates from the timelines of complete strangers just because your friend liked or commented on it.

6. Sighting another post that asks you to share them for Good fortune

It’s a routine to witness posts that ask you to share it for good fortune and believe me some people actually share such posts. Sarcastically speaking, had such posts been true, India would have produced highest number of Millionaires. In a way, this shows our obsession with making easy and fast money.

Posts which ask users to share them for good fortune
These posts offer money or good fortune in lieu of like or share


7. Getting tagged in an unwanted photo

This could be the worst nightmare for a user who gets tagged in a photo without his knowledge. Some people are habituated to tag everyone in the photo without asking which can lead to embarrassment for the people tagged. Wouldn’t you feel annoyed if you suddenly discovered tagged pictures of your last night’s crazy party doing rounds on the internet?

Crazy night parties. Photos in which no one wants to be tagged.
A photo where no one wants to be tagged


Please let us know which of the above factors scares you!!!

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