7 temple complexes created by fans of living people, except Narendra Modi of course

The news of a temple dedicated to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi certainly shocked many of us as we were blissfully unaware of the bizarre incidents taking place in the country. Though, Narendra Modi termed the act as embarrassing and appalling, the story led to the unveiling of numerous such examples standing tall all across the country. Even Azam Khan, an infamous UP politician, without losing a moment proposed a temple for Samajwadi Party supremo,  Mulayam Singh Yadav aka Netaji.

Modi's temple in Gujarat

If Indian mythology is to be believed, Indians are already reeling under the severe pressure of worshipping (or even remembering) the 33 Crore gods and goddesses. Even then we were not satisfied and hence we started creating living gods and worship them. Why did we felt the urge to erect temples for living people? While some call this sycophancy or hogging the limelight others justify the act on the need of self-satisfaction and peace.

Sycophancy in AIADMK

Whatever the case maybe, here are some living gods who have a temple in their name:

Temple for Sonia Gandhi: A powerful politician holding the baton of influential Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

Really, what can we say? People from Telengana credit her with the creation of their state which was a dream for decades. Dedicating a temple to thank their leader is an unorthodox practice and a ploy to seek their leader and media attention. Such is the bonding that 2 separate temples have been constructed in Telengana itself by two Congress party men reflecting sycophancy among party cadres. Who says only Narendra Modi Fans are ‘Bhakts’

Sonia Gandhi's idol in a temple in Telengana

Temple for Khushboo: The bold and beautiful actress from Tamilnadu

Temples are not only dedicated to politicians like Narendra Modi. Khushboo’s story reflects the rise and fall of a public figure. On the peak of her career during 90’s, Kushboo’s fans built a temple for her and worshipped her. But, her practical remarks during an AIDS awareness campaign turned her into a villain overnight. This time, her fans demolished the temple to vent their anger and register their protest.

Kushboo sitting aside gods

Temple for Namitha: Another Indian model turned Actress

Another Indian model turned actress, Namitha has made her mark in Tamil and Telugu cinema. She has become one of the leading actresses and established herself in the hearts of viewers. As a symbol of Love and respect, her fans built a temple dedicated to her.

Namitha of Kollywood has been deidicated a temple by her fans

Karunanidhi: The self-proclaimed Atheist

Karunanidhi has been very vocal critic of rituals and spiritualism but even he has a temple to his name in Vellore district of Tamilnadu. Well, we can always question the spirit behind the act but the DMK counselor who built the temple says that he was mesmerized by the “Pro-poor welfare schemes” initiated by the DMK patriarch.

Karunanidhi has been dedicated a temple by DMK counselor in Vellore district

Amitabh Bachchan: Highly regarded Bollywood superstar who hasn’t lost his charm

Amitabh has always been regarded as the “Angry young man” of Bollywood. His acting has been widely revered across all corners of the country and it’s not outrageous that fans have built a temple for him in Kolkata. The temple isn’t a shrine, Mr. Bachchan is worshipped here as god incarnate with full rites and rituals like a Hindu god.

Amitabh Bachchan's temple in Kolkata


Sachin Tendulkar: The God of Cricket

The god of cricket deserves all the applause and standing ovation for his contribution to the rise of Indian Cricket. For a nation obsessed with Cricket, Sachin is no lesser than a god. His fans constructed a temple in Southwestern Bihar by unveiling a life-size statue of Master blaster in the premises. The temple is unique in the sense that it will also house a cricket academy where coaching would be provided free-of-cost.

Sachin tendulakr life size statue in the temple dedicated to him in Southern Bihar

Rajnikanth: The Tamil Thalaivar

There would hardly be anybody who hasn’t heard or read sarcastic Rajnikant’s joke where he plays the almighty. Rajnikant’s larger than life image, his fight for the social causes and his simplicity has made several fans not only in Kollywood but in Bollywood too.

Rajnikanth's cardboard cutout being poured with Milk

His extraordinary rise from bus conductor to a successful actor and his inimitable style has made him a cult figure. His devout fans have installed a “Sahasra Lingam” at Kotilingeshwara Temple in Kolar, Karnataka, for prosperity of their star.

Kottilingeshwara temple in Kolar karnataka where Rajnikanth's fan have installed Sahasra Lingam on his name

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