7 famous Indian brand names with eccentric etymology

An integral part of a company’s marketing strategy is to create a brand identity and marketers spend enormous time to coin an intuitive and appealing name. While some founders create names with subliminal message that the brand conveys (SONY), others follow a conventional approach of choosing names after their founders (Hewlett and Packard or HP).

David Packard (L) and Bill Hewlett (R), the founders of HP
David Packard (L) and Bill Hewlett (R), the founders of HP

Interesting or not every brand name has a story behind it. In India, the businessmen in past didn’t stress on having a unique and appealing etymology to their brand names. Thus, most of the conglomerates are named after the last name of their founding families.

Here is the collection of 7 brands that have an interesting story behind their names:

1. Chelpark

Story of origin of Chelpark Brand name



2. Dalda

Story of origin of Dalda Brand name



3. Dabur

Story of origin of Dabur Brand name



4. Maruti

Story of origin of Maruti Brand name



5. Ranbaxy

Story of origin of Ranbaxy Brand name



6. Zandu

Story of origin of Zandu Brand name



7. Tanishq

Story of origin of Tanishq Brand name


Source: The Portfolio Book of Great Indian Business Stories by Penguin Books India

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