6 reasons why Jayalalitha’s fans have taken ‘crazy’ to whole new level

The eminent personalities in India, be it the field of sports, movies or politics, have always been greeted with a lot respect and fanfare. Fans usually idolize such celebrities and for them these celebs are larger than life. But off late, this love and admiration has turned into sycophancy. Bollywood continually had a prominent role in influencing the intellect of the youth of this country and in this context the very famous dialogue of movie Gangs of Wasseypur seems very apt:

Gangs of wasseypur scene - Beta tumse na ho payega

Among the most ardent are Salman khan fans who never seem to amaze us with their new act of lunacy every day. It is due to such a pack of exceedingly devotional and obsessed fans that “Bhai” doesn’t have to bother about marketing his films much.  Their topical acts of protests on the sentencing of Bollywood superstar were insane. If you think this is heights of insanity, the fans of Jayalalitha and their novel ways to woo their “Amma” will stupefy you.

Salman khan fans outside his house

(Note: “Life-Size Cardboard Cutout” is a matter of past and all southern actors get one. So, continue only if you expect heightened level of fanfare)

Unlike Football fans, Jayalalitha’s fans shave their heads to fulfill their oath

weird football hairstyles

You must have seen football fans sporting weird hairstyles to look different or to support their favorite player. But, Amma’s fans pray in temples and sometimes take oath (Read “Mannat”) to offer something valuable (Head hair) in return if the god almighty fulfills their wishes. Several fans of Jayalalitha tonsured their heads when the leader was released in disproportionate assets case.

Jayalalitha supporters shaved their heads

Fan declared himself dead and did cremation rites

Another vehement supporter T. Ravindran, a self-styled secretary of the North Madras group of Followers of Jayalalitha declared himself dead and went through the cremation rites. He honestly believed that this will bring prosperity to Jayalalitha.

Jayalalitha supporter declared himself dead

113 followers suffered from heart attack after knowing of Amma’s arrest
Such is level of devotion and connection of the fans with their beloved “Amma” that around 10 people died of cardiac arrest as they could not bear the news of her arrest. According to the data collected by AIADMK, 113 people across Tamilnadu suffered from heart attack over the entire duration of their supremo’s conviction.

Heart attack meme

Jayalalitha devotees thronged to see her and caused stampede at Kumbakonam
Jayalalitha attended the illustrious Mahamaham festival at Kumbakonam in 1992 along with her close aide Sasikala. The festival, like the Kumbh Mela of Allahabad, is held once every 12 years. Sections of the Ghats where she was to have a ritual bath were cordoned off, but the crowds that thronged to see her were caught in a stampede, in which nearly 50 people were killed.

Stampede at kumbakonam

Maximum number of suicides stimulated by a solitary event (Amma’s arrest)

According to an estimate, 41 people committed suicide during the period of Jayalalitha’s incarceration. Of this, 14 cases were of self-immolation while 15 people hanged themselves.

women protest against jayalalitha arrest

 Fan crucified himself to bring good luck to Jayalalitha

Another admirer crucified himself by hammering 6-inches nails through his hands and feet. He believed that his act of penance would get Jayalalitha out of prison. The devotee undeniably got his reward when Jayalalitha individually addressed him by writing a letter requesting not to take such drastic steps which may endanger his life.

Jayalalitha supporter crucified himself

 While these were the actions of party cohorts and fans, Jayalalitha’s cabinet colleagues didn’t want to be left behind in the race of pleasing her. They all cried on television showing how much miffed they are on Amma’s verdict.

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