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5 reasons why the spiritual city of Amaravathi is chosen to be Andhra’s capital

“Krishna Tat par Amaravathi Nagar, Yahan Bam-ba-bam bhola Amarlingeshwar” (View video)

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All avid Doordarshan viewers who used to follow it during 90s can relate to this song. The serial “Amaravati ki Kathayein”, directed by Shyam Benegal, was based on a small town of Andhra Pradesh. But, with the announcement of Amaravathi as Andhra’s capital, the city has once again grabbed headlines. Being in limelight is not a new thing for this city which once used to be a southern powerhouse, the capital of Satvahana dynasty. For every Indian, it has a spiritual, historical and mythological significance.

Satavahana dynasty's empire whose capital was Amaravathi - Mythical India

Spiritually, Amaravathi which derives its name from Lord Amarlingeshwar temple is closer to Hinduism and Buddhism. It is believed that Lord Buddha himself visited this place and thus the city has many Buddhist stupas. It also prides itself as the city of mythical god Lord Indra. Due to numerous striking similarities, Amaravathi is also known as “Dakshina Kashi” (South’s Kashi).

Buddhist Stupa at Amaravathi - Mythical India
                                             Stupa at Amaravathi

But, were these reasons enough for Andhra Pradesh’s CM N Chandra Babu Naidu to make the capital’s declaration in Amaravathi’s favor? Well, the glorious past did play its role but several other factors proved pivotal.

1) On the  banks of River Krishna

Probably the most crucial determinant was the proximity to river Krishna. History has been witness to the fact that all eminent cities came into existence near to a certain water body. Thus, with river Krishna, Plenty of water would be available for the capital and its residents.

Beauty of River Krishna - Mythical India

The Andhra government has an ambitious plan to revive decade old waterways and canals which link Amaravathi to other prominent towns present in the delta of river Krishna.

Proposed plan by SCA showing Inland waterways - Mythical India
                Proposed plan of SCA showing Inland waterways

2) Large tracts of Land through pooling

Establishing a new capital from scratch loaded with all modern amenities not only required huge investment but large tracts of land. This is where the region superseded other options by pooling a vast area of land for development. Till date, Andhra Pradesh government was able to procure more than 30000 acres of land from 39 villages between Guntur and Vijayawada.

Proposed development plan of Amaravathi by SCA - Mythical India
                                Proposed development plan of SCA at Amaravathi

3)  Centrally Located

The location of Amaravathi is another merit which makes it suitable to be a state capital. Centrally located, this region could be easily accessed by northern, southern coastal districts and regions of Rayalseema. Presence of two developed districts of Guntur and Vijayawada would be a boon for rapid development and connectivity of this city with the rest of state.

Map of Andhra pradesh with Amaravathi's location - Mythical India

4) The scenic beauty of Amaravathi

The scenic beauty of this region is stupendous. The blue mountains of the Eastern Ghats overlooking the river Krishna make the city more serene and alluring. So, apart from being a spiritual and historical center, the natural beauty of this region places it perfectly on India’s tourism map.

Scenic beauty of Amaravathi with Krishna river and mountains - Mythical India

5) Auspicious location

According to Vaastu, presence of a water body near to a place or structure plays a consequential role in the fortunes of that place. Thus, river Krishna which flows south to north near Amaravathi is considered very auspicious. The direction of flow will bring tremendous prosperity, success and fame for this place.

Lord Buddha's idol in Amaravathi - Mythical India

The proclamation of Amaravathi as the proposed capital came as a surprise to many and was labeled as another petty attempt to resurrect an ancient capital and use its glorious past to grab attention. But, if we factor in the above advantages, it seems pretty obvious that the move was a very calculated one and not just another attempt to set the eyeballs rolling. But, with this we also pray that this ancient city will not only regain its fame and grandeur but will emerge as one of the best cities of the world.

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