5 Indian political ads which completely lost the plot!!!

Political campaign advertising is used to influence political debate and voters during election time. The ads are usually designed by consultants and creative agencies. The purpose of these ads can be to upsell their candidate or to attack the opponents. However, sometimes these ads end up with completely unintended, humorous or offensive meanings.

lena dunham obama ad

In India, the ads can be classified as the ones created by professionals (usually at National/State level) and the ones created at local level. Here are 7 such political ads which completely lost the plot in their communication:

BJP supports women safety. Ends up blaming itself for lack of women safety

Parvesh Sahib Singh, a BJP candidate from Mehrauli tried to communicate his noble intentions of ensuring women safety during the elections. However, due to completely unintended play of words, he ended up blaming BJP itself for lack of women safety. Although the hindi version of the ad was more on point, the damage was already done. The ad actually went viral and did more damage than good that it intended.

Delhi pathetic political bjp ad

 A state party takes the credit for Nuclear deal (Something done at National level)

Samajwadi party bad ad Mulayam singh

Taking credit for something not done by themselves comes naturally to politicians. However, an ad issued by Samjawadi Party (with Mulayam singh Yadav and Amar Singh in happier times) took it to another level. Just the very act of voting in favour of Nuclear deal ensured that SP took all the credit for benefits that the country derived out of it.

Supporters welcome their Chief Minister. End up calling him Horible!!!

kiran kumar reddy ad karnataka

No explanation needed!!!

Hoarding in Andhra Pradesh humiliating KCR

telangana KCR hoarding bad


With the approval of Congress party to create Telangana, huge political divisions were created. The belief was that Congress tried to shore up its political fortunes after dragging its feet over the explosive issue for four decades. KCR who led the movement for creation of Telangana is shown here in the hoarding. Highlighting Rao’s nose here was a reference to the ridicule that people have directed at KCR for its size.

BJP attacks Arvind Kejriwal. Ends up attacking alienating a whole community

BJP, during the legislature elections in Delhi tried to stop the AAP juggernaut by creating hugely personal attacks against Kejriwal, attacking his family also. However, Aam Aadmi Party used the ad to its advantage by spinning the narrative that BJP was targeting its chief Arvind Kejriwal’s caste or ‘gotra’. The ads completely boomeranged and AAP ended up winning 67 of 70 seats in one of the most one-sided elections of Independent India

kejriwal ad

Model supports Narendra Modi. Gets distanced by BJP

Meghna-Patel-poses-Americ-Narendra modiSource

Loksabha elections were used by a number of people to ride the Modi wave and claim their two minutes to fame. TV actress Meghna Patel was one such person. She released ads holding a white poster bearing the words “Vote for Narendra Modi” over her otherwise naked torso and a nude image with a few strategically placed petals. Narendra Modi and the BJP disavowed supportive American Beauty-style adverts saying if she wants to help she should ‘attend a rally’.

Finally we would just like to leave you with one epic ad from Indian Lovers party, the party that rules the hearts of 30 Crore indians.

india lovers party funny ad

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