5 grossly misleading movie posters which completely lied about the movie!!!

With increased influence of Social Media, upcoming movies now rely on newer and more innovative marketing strategies to get the buzz going around the movie before its release. Increased focus on trade numbers in first week makes it compulsory to get more and more people in within the first week itself. Sometimes it translates into a viral trailer and sometimes stories about love affairs.

However this focus on buzz before release sometimes means creation of communication which misleads viewers about what the actual movie is about. This means you end up watching something which you absolutely did not plan for, based on the movie’s communication. Here are some of the worst offenders in this category whose posters had absolutely nothing to do with the movie’s content.

kurbaan movie misleading poster

With the poster, the movie looks like an erotic thriller like the ones that are mass-produced at Vishesh files and keep coming out at alarming frequency. A tiff with Shiv Sena due to the steamy poster ensured sufficient buzz for the movie before its release.

Although, the movie was supposed to be about terrorism, it ended up misleading the audience. It also kept up with the pattern which has plagued Kareena Kapoor’s career for so long. Whenever she does movie with her romantic partner, it bombs. With Shahid Kapoor, she has done Fida, 36 chinatown and Chupke Chupke. Jab We Met released after their break-up. With Saif, she has done movies like Tashan, Kurbaan and Agent Vinod.

Palkon ki chhao mein

rajesh khanna movie poster

Released in 1977, the movie had a lot going for it. It was a sweet love-story directed by Gulzar with Rajesh Khanna underplaying his role in a way only he could. That is why, it comes as a surprise that the makers had to rely on gimmicks like a completely misleading poster which tried to portray the drunkard jilted-lover image of Rajesh Khanna. Jeetendra who had only a five minute appearance in the movie was portrayed prominently on the poster as well.

Slumdog Millionaire

slumdog millionaire movie poster

The Feel-good film of the decade” trumpeted Slumdog’s candy-coloured promo poster. “Which decade? The 1940s?” we all wondered. Danny Boyle’s Oscar winner is a brilliant, bittersweet fairytale, but you’d have to be either a sadist or Donald Rumsfeld to feel good about its repeated scenes of torture and mutilation. While we loved the poster for brightening up our bus stops, it oversold the confetti factor just a little. (Source)

In fact, there wasn’t much to feel good about for most of the 2 hours with some pretty dark stuff. Just to recount, in 2 hours of the movie, the protagonist loses his parents, begs, is saved from being blinded, loses his girlfriend, loses his brother to criminal life and gets beaten up multiple times. Some feel good movie this is!!!

Teen yaari katha



It seems from the posters of Teen Yaari Katha that the movie is all about three chaps’ fantasy about the next-door boudi played by Jun Malia. However, the print promos are in sharp contrast to even the title of the movie “Teen Yaari Katha” or Tale of three friends.

A 2012 Bengali language comedy film, the film told the story of three middle class friends and their personal struggles. The plot of the story was about three young bachelors, their struggle to make their ends meet, their love interests, their small desires, and their fantasy of the neighboring bhavi. It was a much more evolved movie than merely being a teen movie about sexual fantasies.

Hazaron khwahishein aisi

Hazaaron Khwaishein aisi.

If the award for ruining a movie with the most misleading poster has to be give, it definitely goes to Hazaaron Khwaishein aisi. A 2003 Indian film set against the backdrop of the Indian Emergency, the movie tells the story of three youngsters in the 70s, when India was undergoing massive social and political changes. Due to unique plot and stellar acting, the movie developed a cult following and is one of the most highly regarded Hindi movies.

Hazaaron Khwaishein aisi.

However, the poster clearly ensured that the people for whom the movie was made should not walk in the movie. The movie had nothing to do with a gangster woman with a gun in her hands and neither do the other two actors in the poster make any sense with their attitude. We really don’t know what pushed someone like Sudhir Mishra to create a movie on his conditions but capitulate on the way to present it to the right audience.

We will just leave you with one more poster, ‘Love in Times Square’, where Salman khan was there for only one song but was used in the promos very prominently to take advantage of his popularity

Love in Times Square

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