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5 February – Today in Indian history

Maharshi Mahesh Yogi_transcedental meditation

Important events from Indian history that happened on 5 February – Birthdays, Death anniversaries and other events which affected India’s future

5 February – Birthdays

  1. Birthday of Mr K S Nisar Ahmed, an Indian writer and also a very popular poet in Kannada language. He has been awarded several prestigious awards like Raj utsav award Padmashree and Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award.
  2. Birthday of Inayat Khan who was the founder of Sufi order in London he was actually a very good musician of North Indian classical music and was awarded the title of Tansen by Nizam of Hyderabad period he actually spent a big chunk of his life in promoting the ideology of Universal sufism and worked a lot in several countries in Europe.
  3. Birthday of Abhishek Bachchan who is an Indian Actor
  4. Birthday of Indian Cricketer Bhuvneshvar kumar

5 February – Death anniversariesMaharshi Mahesh Yogi_transcedental meditation

  1. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is real name was Mahesh Prasad Verma. He was known popularly for developing the transcendental meditation technique period his organisation is supposed to have taught more than 40000 Trance dental meditation teachers and he is popularly known as the teacher of famous groups like Beatles and beach boys. He was the founder of transcendental meditation movement which was regarded as a worldwide non religious movement.

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