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5 Famous Indian personalities who have been trolled on the Internet

The moral policing have been so rampant that students expressing their views on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Watsapp are being arrested for doing so. But, undeterred by these incidents, India is fast catching up with the western trends of Roasts and Trolls.

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh at AIB knockout

The latest effort put in by AIB became viral on YouTube emphasizing its admiration among the masses but it didn’t augur well for AIB and of course Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. FIR’s were filed and public apology was demanded from them to which they obliged.

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in apology mode

The internet too has caught this fever and such is the craze that we have devised our own “Bheja Fry” sessions where a celebrity is trolled for 3-4 days with all sorts of funny images, jokes and memes before zeroing in on next target. This ritual began with CID, the evergreen detective series on Sony TV running consecutively for past 10 years.


The following personalities have been trolled till now and the net is actively searching for its new catch:

1. The actor reckoned as god of Indian cinema – Rajnikant

The Tamil superstar has been trolled for his larger than life persona and cult following among the southern population. Soon, Rajnikant Jokes, funny images, memes flooded the internet and mobile. The trolls reckoned Rajnikant as god who can make impossible possible and defy the laws of physics. The Thalaivar jokes went viral and several Facebook pages and websites cashed in on its popularity.

2. Soft spoken and “Sanskari” babuji – Aloknath

On 30th December, 2013 tweets, funny jokes and images on actor Aloknath aka Babuji started trending on various Social media platforms for no apparent reason. Nobody could know from where this all started but within a matter of hours thousands of memes, funny images and jokes were in circulation through Facebook shares, Twitter’s retweets and Watsapp forwards.

Aloknath is renowned for playing the role of a “Sanskari” father in numerous movies and this was the crux of all the trolls. Even Aloknath himself took these jokes positively and mentioned that he was enjoying all the attention in an interview.

3. The boy who never seems to grow up – Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Gandhi family has been the subject of insults and provocative jokes by the trolls for quite a long time. He himself provides fodder to these campaigns by repeatedly making mistakes in front of media.

Rahul Gandhi caught on camera copying text from mobile phone while writing to pay tribute to the people died in Nepal

Source: Yeah, you guessed it!! (

The allegations regarding a fake degree and his poor choice of words while addressing gatherings during election campaigns earned him the nickname of “Pappu”. With the advent of internet as a strong platform for campaigns, political parties have their own PR (Personal relations) teams which are involved in political propaganda and taking potshots at their opponents.

4. India’s one and only honest Aam Aadmi – Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal rose to prominence through his Aam Aadmi Party and his untainted image. The promise of an honest and law-abiding government got him stated as of chief minister of Delhi. But soon, due the attention seeking nature and too many “Dharnas”, he got the attention of trolls.

AAP alleged BJP’s role in this negative media campaigning which stooped to a level of personal attacks and gave a befitting reply to those malicious messages. AAP supremo aka “Mufflerman” once again surprised everyone when he appeared on a TVF interview which had mocked him in the past.

Arvind Kejriwal on TVF-Barely speaking with Arnub

5. The universal mother – Nirupa Roy

The latest scapegoat of trolls is Nirupa Roy, the universal mother of Bollywood. Debuting as a lead actress, Roy played the role of mother to almost all the Bollywood stars of that time. Active during 70s and 80s, Nirupa Roy was always portrayed as sad, suppressed and a struggling mother who’s somehow making the ends meet.

The monotony of role selection by Mrs. Roy has become the subject of jokes. Several memes and jokes have circled around the internet on her excessive crying and roles as a widow.

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