5 cheesiest and sordid innerwear advertisements done by Bollywood stars

Those days are long gone when advertisements used to have scripts and concepts. Just like our Bollywood movies advertisements are also being driven by celebrities and models. Deodorants adverts are a perfect fit for this category. Almost every ad follows the identical script where a male becomes irresistible after applying the deodorant and the models start throwing themselves on him.


Though, these ads are facing the heat from consumers for showing unwanted overtly sexual scenes, but they have certainly started a trend which others would follow. The Men innerwear advertisements are going the same way but instead of using obscenity they have chosen to use cheesy language and inappropriate comments towards women. They present picture of an alpha male with chiseled body, rugged looks and arrogance all over and the ladies go gaga over the macho personality of the male.

Here, we have a collection of such ads which are endorsed by celebrities and have double meaning cheesy lines.

The most recent Rupa frontline ad by our own “roasted” superstar “Ranbir Singh”
The ad is filmed on a beach which looks more like a pool party and Ranbir of course is flaunting his cuts and curves. Nearly a dozen female models with bikini are all over Ranbir who catches a ball through his butt. As if all this was not enough, Ranbir fights with a Shark to save a girl. This has created a huge controversy and the ad directors are already thinking of putting a disclaimer before the ad. The character of “Raja Baba” played by Ranbir bears a striking similarity with the lead actor of the Hollywood movie “You Don’t mess with Zohan”.

The lean mean fighting machine aka Akshay Kumar showing who’s the “Boss”
Akshay kumar has done multiple action acts in Bollywood so much so that he has been called Mr. Khiladi (Due to action packed Khiladi movie series). Continuing the same trend, the “Boss” star has done multiple advertisements for Dollar industries innerwear brand “Big Boss”. All these ads start with action sequence where the hero saves the girl and ends with a cheap, inelegant double meaning line.

Saif Ali khan going all Macho in Amul Macho ad
These ads are living example of poor screenplay and cheap dialogues. Saif Ali khan is shown solve biggest of the problems “Bade Aaram se” and even gets a girl without much effort. If youth started following such ads all T-shirts, Shirts and Suit brand will get a run for money.

Hrithik Roshan joined the party with “Microman”
Well, if you just have to show the models or celebrities with best chiseled body and suave looks, then who would be better suited than Hrithik Roshan. The advertisement, though a lot better than its counterparts, still says the same old story.

Sleazy and distasteful ad of Sana Khan for Amul Macho
But, all this time we have been saving the best one for the end. Though, it doesn’t rope a well-known and established Bollywood star, but still manages to surprise you through its distasteful and vulgar dialogues and expressions which are explicitly double meaning. The Sana Khan starrer “Ye toh bada toing hai” ad of Amul Macho has been in news and has been heavily criticized for its objectionable content.

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