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26/11 Mumbai attacks: Are we a peace loving nation or exceedingly subtle ?

Hotel Taj mahal palace Mumbai after Terror attacks - Mythicalindia

Images of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks still send down chills in the heart of every Indian. The violence and gore with which this militant attack was executed clearly depicts that terrorists have no humanity left in them. Paris attacks which drew widespread global condemnation had certain similarities with 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The well-coordinated attack saw bombings and shootings at 6 different locations across Mumbai which left 164 people dead and hundreds injured.

NSG Air Assault Mumbai Attacks - Mythicalinida

The NSG commandos launched operation “Black Tornado” to flush terrorists who had been hiding at places like the Taj Mahal Palace hotel and Nariman house. It took 3 days and lives of 17 soldiers (15 Mumbai policemen and 2 NSG commandos) to end this gruesome battle.

heroes of 26/11 mumbai attack - Mythicalindia


The lone terrorist captured alive was Ajmal Kasab who was given a fair hearing before he was hanged in Yerwada jail on 21st November, 2012.

The lone terrorist captured alive, Ajmal Kasab - Mythicalindia

In the aftermath of the attacks, India as it always does, followed the peaceful route of collecting evidence of involvement of Pakistan’s ISI or its military and they found plenty. But, to this date Pakistan has denied all those allegations as baseless even though the world knows the truth. To top it all, they released the foremost mastermind who hatched the whole plot, Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi from prison on bail.

Rehman Lakhvi released from Pakistani prison - Mythicalindia

We mourn the dead every year for their untimely demise but has the situation really changed? Is Indian police or counter intelligence units equipped enough to foil any further terrorist activities? Or we are just waiting for another attack to happen? These are the questions which any responsible citizen should ponder and confront his/her government with instead of blowing things out of proportion on a media statement by a celebrity.

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On this day when the whole country is paying remembrance to the martyrs of Mumbai attacks, BCCI has agreed to play a bilateral cricket series with our neighbors. This is sheer negligence of the sentiments of the people of India just to fill there coffers with few more crores.

It’s high time that India seriously considers adopting a more aggressive strategy and teaches lessons to such perpetrators who take undue advantage of our political stance. A lesson or two from countries like France, Russia or the US itself might come in handy.

An artist's tribute to the people died in 26/11 attacks - Mythicalindia

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