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12 January – Today in Indian History

Important events from Indian history that happened on 12 January – Birthdays, Death anniversaries and other events which affected India’s future

12 January – Birthdays

  1. Swami Vivekananda – Swami Vivekananda is one of the most revered figures in India and is credited with bringing Hinduism on the world map. He introduced the Hindu philosophy to the world and put forth the concept of Yoga and Vedas which has been widely accepted world over. He was the chief disciple of Guru Ramkrishna Paramhamsa and later founded Ramakrishna mission. He was born on 12th January, 1863 in Calcutta which was under the British rule at that time.National-Youth-Day-Swami-Vivekananda
  2. Jijabai Bhosle – Jijabai was born on 12th January, 1598 in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. She was married at an early age to Shahaji Bhosle. She bore two sons, Sambhaji and Shivaji, both of whom went on to become exceptional warriors. Shivaji is attributed with the foundation of Maratha Empire which was a constant reason of worry for the Sultans of Delhi.
  3. Brajanath Ratha – He was a famous Indian poet who mainly wrote in Odia language. He was an international figure and was awarded with numerous national and international awards. His first poem was written to celebrate the spirit of India’s independence in 1947.
  4. Priyanka Gandhi – Born on 12th January, 1972, Priyanka Gandhi is the daughter of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Despite being from a political background, Priyanka hasn’t been part of active politics in India like her brother Rahul Gandhi who was elected the Congress President in 2017.
  5. Mufti Mohammed Sayeed – Another Indian politician who served as the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. He was the founder of PDP (People’s Democratic Party) which is a major political party in the state of J&K. Sayeed also served as the Minister of Home Affairs in V. P. Singh’s government from 1989 to 90.
  6. Arun Govil – This famous Indian actor’s claim to fame was his portrayal of Lord Rama in the famous television series Ramayana. He appeared in another blockbuster TV show “Vikram aur Betaal”. Govil was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and moved to Mumbai at an early age to start his own business.

12 January – Death anniversaries

  1. Suryasen – Suryasen or Master-da was a prominent revolutionary from West Bengal who was at the center of orchestrating a freedom movement against the British at Chittagong.

    ‘Masterda’ Surya Sen, One of the greatest revolutionaries of India’s struggle for freedom
    ‘Masterda’ Surya Sen, One of the greatest revolutionaries of India’s struggle for freedom
  2. Amrish Puri – This iconic Indian actor mainly portrayed negative characters in Bollywood movies. He was part of a staggering 400 movies in his entire career. His elder brothers Chaman Puri and Madan puri were actors too. Mr. Puri died on 12th January, 2005 after a prolonged illness.

12 January – Important events

  1. National Youth Day is celebrated every year on this day in order to honor the memories and teachings of Swami Vivekananda who has always been an inspiration for the youth of this country. It is observed all across India in schools and other institutions. Several activities like Essay writing, Speeches, Plays, Extempore etc. are organized on this occasion.

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